Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Today begins our big Thanksgiving weekend sale! It ends Monday night but only while supplies last. Don’t forget: when you purchase a Nancy Drew game from us, you’ll receive a free digital strategy guide pdf. (And you can also “gift” a game to someone, too!) You can shop here. (Codes and Clues is also on sale, but you don’t need any promo code for that.) Shop here!


We have several birthdays to celebrate this weekend!

birthday_michelle birthday_alauren birthday_grace birthday_elijah

No weekend puzzle this time. Instead, be sure to spend time solving mysteries with your friends and family!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


-Little Jackalope


16 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2016”

  1. Michelle Whelen says:

    Hi LJ, thanks for the birthday shout-out, but it’s actually my 28th birthday. Thank you again.

  2. Alauren says:

    Thank you so much, Little Jackalope! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Teresa says:

    Happy thanksgiving guys!!! hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving! Enjoy

  4. Prairie says:

    Definitely stalking up on my Nancy Drew games!!!

  5. Claire says:

    Are you getting closer to the beta testing stage of MID?

  6. Nancy says:

    When can I pre order MID?

  7. Elijah says:

    Hey LJ! I just wanted to give you a heads up that in the Music for Mysteries Volume II files, the track Francis and Dirk sleuth is misspelled. Also for Music for Mysteries Volume III, in the overview it says that there is tracks from CUR, CLK, DAN, and CRE. It does not have TRN in the overview. Just wanted to make sure you knew about these. Stay classy!

  8. Christina says:

    Hi! I’ll be turning 25 on November 28th, could I get a birthday shoutout? ^_^

  9. Audrey says:

    Could I have a birthday shoutout on the 30th? My name is Audrey and I’m turning 18. My favorite game is Curse of Blackmoor Manor 🙂

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