Walking the Trails

Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake?


I remember playing this game for the first time, and got lost often! Eventually I was able to recognizes little landmarks like fallen trees, stumps, random t-shirts hung up on the branches, and so on. These points helped me to navigate the forest and eventually made my way to the other end.

Not long ago I went on a hike in a forest much like this one. I have a greater appreciation for how well-kept and easy this trail in DOG appears! The hike I went on was much tougher than what Nancy has to go through in the game.

Here at the office, we are surrounded by lots of wildlife as well. Here is a picture of some ducks that I just walked up to along a trail:


Have you gone hiking in real life? Did it feel like a Nancy Drew adventure? Did you find bugs or take pictures of the wildlife?

-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Walking the Trails”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Haha yes, I get lost in DOG every time I play it! LOL 😛 Cute ducks! Sadly, I’ve never actually gone hiking, but we live within walking distance of our local park, so me and my dad walk there all the time! And they have some really neat paths that we’ve gone down…but they also seem to have a LOT of Poison Sumac… so we don’t go down the dirt trails very often LOL! But if that counts, yeah, I have been hiking 😉

  2. Sam Powell says:

    We don’t go hiking much because we have asthma and live in higher elevation but I wish I could! It looks so pretty up in WA!

  3. Will says:

    Haha, I didn’t notice that before, but you’re right! With no one really living in the Malone house, I wonder how the trails didn’t become overrun with leaves and sticks and stuff? I mean maybe Ranger Akers did it, but it is Private Property. I certainly doubt Sally was out there pushing around the leaves, hahaha. I too used to get lost in DOG, but now that I know the landmarks, like you mentioned, I can easily navigate it! It is fun to go on an adventure, albeit a small one such as hiking, just like Nancy. 😀

  4. Caitey says:

    Hi, LJ!

    Could you send me a birthday shout out on July 2nd? I’m turning 19. Thanks!

  5. SpyGirl says:

    Yes yes yes! I have experienced that Nancy Drew moment many times while playing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake!
    Awww, those duck are too cute! That’s a great photo, LJ! You’re quite a wildlife photographer!:D What kind of camera do you use?
    I love seeing wildlife up close. At my house, I’m happy that we’re seeing several does bringing their fawns around. A few weeks ago, the babies were VERY small and they were absolutely COVERED in spots. 😀

  6. Foundation2430 says:

    That’s cool! I have a few of those types of pictures. There is a park near where I live and there is a path thats circles the whole park and ducks would walk beside you. No doubt wanting to be fed but it was cool that they wanted to walk with us. I have a few of them dunking their heads under the water. I would love to get an underwater camera to see what it would look like.

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