The Spiders in Nancy’s Life

In Stay Tuned for Danger, the prop room had a little spider crawl away from an oil can on the shelf. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, a large spider drops down right in front of your face. In Danger by Design, a spider hangs out in the wall. But the worst spider of all was the one in Legend of the Crystal Skull. The one that jumps out, guards a precious key, and will BITE you if you try to take it. It was dark, fuzzy, had fangs and had long, long legs. This guy was a beast! Do you remember this Nancy Drew moment?


What spider moment was your most memorable? Do spiders scare you? Creep you out?

-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “The Spiders in Nancy’s Life”

  1. Connie says:

    I hate spiders! The one spider moment that scared me the most was the one in Thornton Hall. I jump every time!

  2. Tim says:

    Hey Little Jackalope!
    So I am wondering if you could do a blog post about the software that HeR uses to make the ND games? Specifically how the environments are modeled 🙂
    That would be so great!! 😀

  3. ND's #1 fan says:

    OHHHH MY GOSH YES. Spiders really freak me out! I have major arachnophobia lol. I would have to agree, CRY’s spider was the scariest. GTH’s was scary too though….especially because it was a black widow….idk. All of them are scary LOL 😛

  4. Foundation2430 says:

    They do. Especially the big black ones that like to hang out in spring houses and in marsh areas. Also the ones with the long point legs. Ugh!

  5. Sam says:

    They do scare me! We have found multiple Black Widows in our house this year. I wont be able to think of spiders the same!

  6. Punchy says:

    I like spiders because they make pretty webs! And also there’s the spider in that LIE puzzle. I like that one best of all because it was fake 🙂

  7. Marianne says:

    YES! One of the scariest moments of any ND game for me! Spiders are awful!

  8. Taylor says:

    I hate spiders! But, most people I know are scared of them more than I am, which is funny because I had a giant spider bite from a brown recluse since I was in kindergarten; and my leg could’ve been amputated! I actually think fleas and ticks are scarier!

  9. Laura says:

    I am a 30-something arachnophobic Nancy Drew fan. I can’t deal with real or fake spiders at all. I’ve actually sent an email to herinteractive about the spiders in the games, but got no response. When the one in GTH happened I was playing at night and screamed so loud my hubby came running from the other side of the house to see what happened. They are all memorable and I soo hope they wouldn’t keep showing up. You forgot the one from the jack-in-the-box from CRY and there is a spider brooch in Message in a Haunted mansion. (if memory serves me correctly, we have to use it and I had my hubby do that part) Here’s hoping to less and less spiders!

  10. Veronica says:

    Wait, there’s a spider in GTH? Looks like I need to go find it! 😀

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