Random Fan Love and Office Activities

To get you up to speed on what we have been up to now that Ghost of Thornton Hall has released. The artists are working on their first round of environments for the next game, ND#29 (you can watch the preview video on our YouTube Channel now). The production team is working on creating the early game builds and looking at some puzzles and logic that will create the game play experience, and sales and marketing has mostly been focused on the GTH game launch.

Today, a few of us walked across the parking lot to get hot dogs at the hot dog cart, and later I got to sit in on a top-secret meeting for ND#29. Woot! Just before I went into that meeting, I received some fan mail that was just too cool not share with you.  LOVE it!!

(Honestly, I half-expected glitter to burst out from this envelope and the contents to be written in crayon and …but in fact, Cami and April typed up a well-written professional fan letter. Thanks you guys!) XD

Although seriously, I would totally love to see some fan mail written or colored with crayons. And include a box of cookies. Yep. Cookies would be heavenly. Maybe I should go and get some…hopefully they haven’t been hidden in the locked closet…

~Little Jackalope~

11 responses to “Random Fan Love and Office Activities”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like cookies. I should make some fan art…

  2. Hi LJ,
    I have had a few Nancy Drew moments in the last few days I thought I should share.
    1.) I stayed in a “haunted” hotel, where someone was murdered. Although I looked for ghosts, I was disappointed. I didn’t see a thing. 🙁
    2.) I opened a locked door with my student ID card. Total WAC moment (^.^)

    That fan mail is so adorable, I might have to send you some…(~.^)

  3. 😀 yay! Meetings for ND29!! Those sound like such fun meetings. I find it funny how everyone else in the world Despises meetings and I’m pretty sure you guys love your meetings:)

    Such sweet fans!:D 😀

    Guess what?!:D my late birthday gift is a Koko mug!! It’s so cute, I can’t wait to use it!!

  4. ND's #1 fan says:

    Cool fan art LJ!!! lol 2 the cookies! (^_^) maybe i’ll send you some someday… or maybe one of my chocolate cakes! Hopefully it would be as good as the one I.. er, Nancy made in SHA! lol -ND’s #1 fan
    PS- When are you guys gonna put the teaser for #29 up on HeR’s site? I like to watch them over and over lol and yes you can call me crazy for doing that 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    ND#29 can either be a really really good game or a really bad game, no way in-between, that’s why I think it was really brave of HER to chooose this topic.

  6. Breanna(; says:

    Hey LJ i have a question. What is the orange thing that slides across the floor in the showroom in the gth game???

  7. Hannah says:

    COOL! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. So… you DO actually open your fan mail personally. I always wondered about that. Oh and what you said about the glitter and crayons was hilarious!

    Just be careful what you wish for… some enemy of Little Jackalope could send poisoned cookies sand whatever would we do THEN?!!

    -Drew Detective
    A.K.A. Hannah

  8. Anonymous says:

    LJ, Where would I send in fan art?

  9. WWNDD12 says:

    Hay LJ! I was looking through your posts, and I saw someone who went by the name Novel, is that you? Or was it someone else?

  10. @Norwegian Dancer — That’s awesome! Do you have a Nancy Drew moment list like I secretly do? It sounds like you would be off to a good start! Have you ever tried Gumbo from a food truck like in CRY? That’s next on my list…

    @Future HeR Animator — They are indeed fun meetings! I love going to them. And yes, I did see your mug! Looks great! Now I want one… XD

    @ND’s #1 fan — Oooo, cake! As for the preview of ND#29, we won’t put that up on our site until we post the cover art for it and make a page. That won’t happen until late summer, early fall.

    @Anonymous — It was brave, but I really like what our design team is doing with the story. It will be amazing, I think!

    @Breanna(; — Hahaha! That is a giant naked mole rat. XD

    @Hannah — Oh you’re right! (o.O) Poisoned cookies make me think of the ones Taylor Sinclair offers to Nancy in Secret of the Scarlet Hand…”They’re from Oaxaca!”

    @Anonymous — You can mail it to our office (info is on our web site) or email to feedback@herinteractive.com

    @WWNDD12 – I’m not Novel, no. He was another team member here back in the day. 🙂

  11. ND's #1 fan says:

    oh.. ok… (sniff sniff) i’m so anxious 4 ND #29!! i always wondered what happened since the books never picked up on it either! so cant wait!!! -ND’s #1 fan

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