Real Enigma Machine

For those of you who are following along with our Nancy Drew marathon, the next game we will be playing is The Captive Curse. Now is a good time to download and install it to get ready for the weekend.

Guess what I learned today? The enigma machine in The Captive Curse was a custom-built, unique enigma machine that our production team made. In the game, it’s the decoder thing you find in the security room. I would recommend reaching that point of the game and saving a game file right at that point…why? Because I’m going to send you codes in the future.

It works like this: you need to know the three code letters to decipher. Choose MED as your letters, then give this a try! Why is playing The Captive Curse this weekend related to the ND Marathon? Find out by entering these letters in the enigma machine in the game:


-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Real Enigma Machine”

  1. Shainnen Somerville says:

    Hmm the enigma machine will probably be needed for a challenge against competitors. Or maybe it might have to be like a note Nancy, Bess or George find, and it’s about Sonny. Maybe even hidden communication between a cast member and Sonny. So many possibilities! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    That is a very fun idea! I went in to a previously saved game when I already had access to the enigma machine. Cute message. 😉

    The first time I played Captive Curse, right when it came out, I didn’t find it very memorable. I enjoyed playing it, but it didn’t stick out to me as anything special. So much so that when I recently replayed it, I couldn’t remember who the culprit was, or why they were doing it! However, I fell in love with the game the second time through. I love the plot, I love the setting, I love the music, and I LOVE the characters. Karl might be my favorite HER character of all time. What a great game! It’s now up there on my list of favorite ND games, probably in the top 5!

  3. Firestone2430 says:

    This is my 7 year old brothers favorite game. He likes to see only the beginning where the “monster” is chasing the young girl. Then he runs out of the room and goes about his business. I liked this game as well. It was a real good mystery. I have always had a spot for mysteries. I think thats why I can relate and enjoy playing Nancy Drew games. I know that they are targeted for girls, but i enjoy playing them. I think its better than playing zombie games that are targeted for boys that is vulgar and has gory details and nudity. Nancy Drew hasnt had any nudity or vulgarity or gory details and hopefully it never will. Anyway, The Captive Curse had a good plot and the scenes were pictureque.

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