Nancy Drew LIE Marathon!

Each Nancy Drew game fits nicely into one or more of these categories:

  • Scary
  • Adventure
  • Cultural/International
  • Historical/Educational

Some examples of these games:

Scary = GTH, MHM, SAW
Adventure = MED, RAN, TOT
Cultural/International = VEN, CAP, SSH
Historical/Educational = WAC, CLK, DED

(If you are unsure what each of these abbreviations mean, click on each one). Now some of these games can fit into two categories, as well. (Like CAP can also be a “scary” game.)

Labyrinth of Lies is primarily in the Cultural/International category, with a touch of Historical/Educational because of the heavy Greek Myth theme. Therefore I propose a marathon! Now there are different kinds of marathons you can take part in, like the ones on the message board run by our ever-knowledgeable fan community. Or there is also the classic type of marathon where you play every single game in order, but with 30 games in your collection, that’s quite a challenge!

This marathon I’m going to take part in is this: Play ALL the games that can fit into the Cultural/International category! And maybe throw in a few extras to the mix… if there is time. 😉 Here is my lineup:

  • #6 Secret of the Scarlet Hand
  • #14 Danger by Design
  • #18 The Phantom of Venice
  • #19 The Haunting of Castle Malloy
  • #23 Shadow at the Water’s Edge
  • #24 The Captive Curse
  • #26 Tomb of the Lost Queen


Now if time allows, I would add Curse of Blackmoor Manor, Ransom of the Seven Ships, The Silent Spy, and The Shattered Medallion since these all take place internationally… but they have less emphasis on the cultural aspect.

The marathon will end the weekend before October 7th (which is the date you can start downloading Labyrinth of Lies)! I’ll be playing these in order above, and as often as I can find time to. Anyone wanna try a marathon? 😀

Oh right, and the weekend puzzle was a series of anagrams (mixed up words, names, and phrases). The solutions are to the right:

  • RCNAOH = 2 [Charon]
  • OSNLMERAII = 4 [Melina Rosi]
  • USNEKAXIDOA = 6 [Xenia Doukas]
  • EHESDUTEHERTGJ = 11 [The Three Judges]
  • SRUECREB = 5 [Cerberus]
  • REHNESPOEP = 9 [Persephone]
  • YEHSTRYDHOAB = 7 [The Hardy Boys]
  • KDIENIPBOAPAA = 3 [Niobe Papadaki]
  • AHGTSONANSA = 5 [Thanos Ganas]
  • KORAIRGOAKNSIGR = 6 [Grigor Karakinos]

The numbers reference the letter in the corrected spelling. For example, the second letter of Charon is H. Find all the letters and you get [Hidden Door].

-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “Nancy Drew LIE Marathon!”

  1. Jadyn says:

    I’m starting a marathon where I play all the nancy drew games in order before LiE. Comes in the mail

  2. NANCYGEEK says:

    I’m up for it!!!!! Only my sister has DAN, but maybe i can just go to her house to do that one. 🙂 *GULP* SAW? I only survived that with my Dad… Looks like I’ll be doing that one with my sister too! LOL!

  3. Angela says:

    I did a trailer marathon and I had a few theories about what the numbers were referencing, but I wasn’t sure. Anyhow, I’m so excited for LIE! Looking forward to see the play too.

  4. Lera says:

    I wanna try a marathon! ;D
    By the way, I have a birthday today ^^ So I start a marathon right now!

  5. Katie says:

    These are my favorite category of games. SSH is my all time fav. I am really looking forward to LIE because of the museum curator aspect. It looks fun!

  6. Emily says:

    Hey, Little Jackalope! This isn’t the first time you have mentioned categories for the games in the past few months, so I have been wondering about them. Is this something you have been thinking about in regards to the games, or is it an idea that the company as a whole contemplates when developing a game?

    I would also like to know what the Adventure category means, especially if these categories are considered when deciding what game to create next. For years, the games have been described in press releases and on the covers as mystery adventures, so I think that all of the games could fit into an Adventure category. What makes the games in this category different than the others?

    Sorry for all the questions, but you have made me curious. Thanks!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      There are no hard and fast rules how we categorize each game. Yes, all the games can fit under “Adventure” and “Mystery” but I personally like to give them different game-play style categories. Our team does indeed consider several different styles and they look back on what the last few games we’ve done in order to decide on the next game design. For example, we rarely have two “scary” games back-to-back. 🙂

  7. Foundation2430 says:

    I will try to play the games listed. It is less than a month away from LIE. I have a question. Digital river said that they accepted my order but they said that before I could get it I have to pay it. But do I send a check in the mail? or what do I do? I don’t have a credit card.

  8. Katie says:

    Totally excited since my all time favorite thing literally ever is Greek mythology. I am totally doing that marathon. Also, is there any known crash with Danger by Design when you have to put the disc in to play or is it probably just my computer?

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