Sonny Speaks #1 + Weekend Puzzle #235

Today we shared this fun picture:


We’ve got some more great “Sonny Speaks” episodes to come, because there are some excellent still shots from all his animation clips… which I had fun grabbing. 😛

Anyways, will you be playing The Captive Curse this weekend in our Nancy Drew marathon? Don’t forget to try out the Enigma machine code I gave you in the previous post. 😉

Here’s your simple weekend puzzle, enjoy!

! – @! – # – @) – ( – !% – !$ – & – !% – @! – !( – %

-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Sonny Speaks #1 + Weekend Puzzle #235”

  1. Firestone2430 says:

    Hello! I cannot wait for The Shattered Medallion. I look back and it seemed like yesterday when i first played the original Secrets Can Kill. Now its #30. Where does time go. Anyway, i have a question for HER. Why don’t we hear anything from Hannah Gruen like we used to. I know she had a small part, but i was suprised she wasn’t part of “The Silent Spy” since in the books she was Nancy’s housekeeper and guardian after her mother died. It didn’t really mention Hannah at all. Will she be in a future game or anything. I know you guys are the creators of the games. But I was only wondering. Anyway, i like that we are going to be seeing Sonny Joon. He is basically referenced in every game. In “Ransom of the Seven Ships” was when i started noticing the reference. And this game was the first time i seen a Easter Egg(I didn’t know that at the time) i didn’t know you could find eggs in a Nancy Drew game. Anyway, i know i have used a lot of names when i posted on here. I’m trying to find a unique name to use. Anyway, thanks for the sample of Sonny Joon. He’s exotic like i imagined him to be. Well, enough of me jabbering on.

  2. Silvertongue says:

    I love Sonny sooo much, I’m looking forward to more Sonny posts. He still doesn’t look like I’d expected(like the box cover) But I cannot wait to meet him and get to know him. ~Silvertongue.

  3. Super Sleuth says:

    What Enigma code?? I couldn’t find anything like that in the last post… I’m playing this weekend, is it for an Easter Egg???

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