A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Hey, guys! We’ve got lots of items to cover today. First, have you guys seen the latest MID character art? This week we’re featuring a familiar face: Deirdre Shannon!

Deirdre Picture

Check out our Facebook post about it to see more of her character description AND to find out the name of next week’s feature.

Second, it’s National Dog Day today, so happy National Dog Day, everyone! To celebrate the occasion, we’re having a sale for Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake today only!


Third, I just put out a video today! It explores looping, which is an element of coding. But in this case, I take it out of the coding context and put a little spin on it. Enjoy!

And finally, as you guys know, Little Jackalope has been gone for the past couple of weeks for her wedding and honeymoon, and she comes back in on Monday! Yay! This means she will resume posting for the blog on Monday, which makes this my last post for a while (I’ll still be at HeR Interactive for a few more weeks, though). But first, I’ve got a weekend puzzle for you.

WAC Weekend Puzzle 25.Aug

It’s been a lot of fun posting updates for you all. I hope you guys enjoyed them!

Talk to you later!




10 responses to “A Whole Bunch of Stuff!”

  1. Taylor says:

    You’re cool Tess. I love you.

  2. The Red Wolf says:

    The final sound is from White Wolf when you hit the snowmen on your skidoo.

  3. Isis4ever says:

    Thanks for the postings, Tess! Very excited for Deirdre. 🙂

  4. LaRue says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call it a “familiar face.” Her hair color isn’t even black anymore!

  5. Nancy says:

    You’ve done great these past weeks, Tess. Nice pic of Deirdre Shannon.:-)

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