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Ready for Halloween? (And Weekend Puzzle #127)

It’s the weekend before Halloween! This means parties and last-minute decorating for many of you. We are decked out with a few hints of the spooky season (see below). There are pumpkin lights hung along cubicles, blinking eyes posters, a rock wall wallpaper, giant spiders and a poor flier who crashed into a cubicle wall. […]

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Games and Puzzle Thursday

Today we had a company meeting to get updated an all that’s happening. We enjoyed pizza and salad while playing board games with each other. It’s worth the effort and patience to learn a new game! Several of us tried a new one called Dice Town, which had a cowboy and western theme. If the […]

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Big Contest! (And us being busy)

It’s the super busy season for a couple of us in the office (myself included) and I’ve noticed how many times I use the word “busy.” Note to self: try to avoid using that word for the remainder of the launch season for Alibi in Ashes. Will need to come up with a new vocabulary, […]

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The Latest Post + Official Trailer!!

…Literally! I think this is the latest time I’ve ever posted on the Amateur Sleuth Blog! (That should tell you how busy we have been). Let’s start with the weekend puzzle. (You solved it quick!) It was a Nonogram, like from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Once you color in all of the appropriate places […]

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In the Secret Corner

In one big corner of our office, across from the production department, is a collection of cubicles where you can find the “render farm”, an old arcade game, packaging boxes, letterheads, envelopes, miscellaneous other storage and a whole bunch of our games! See here: I made a trip to this secluded corner to fetch a […]

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A Day of Random Gifts

It’s not Christmas, or a birthday (well, one of our artists had a birthday yesterday), but we received a few gifts today… OK, so maybe they aren’t really gifts according to everyone else, but I like to call them that to make it sound interesting. Our order of office snacks came in (somebody keeps eating […]

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Surprising Drinks

Wow, another late post today! You know what that means? We’ve been working on something exciting. (But I will not spill any secrets until Monday). 😉 A few of us crazies went out for Bubble Tea today. This was my first time trying it, and my thoughts ran to the weird concoction that Renee made […]

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Learning How to Make Forgeries!

I’m just teasing about the post title. I really mean that we are learning how to make copies on our new copy machine. See here: ~New copier on the right~ We are replacing our old machine on the left with that intimidating big one on the right, which is still wrapped up in the picture. […]

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Hot Tip: Spy on the Designer!

Our writer stopped by my desk to give me a hot tip: go and take a picture of what the designer is doing. o.O Always up for a little spying adventure…especially ones that involve a camera….I quickly headed to the other end of the office where I found this: Cathy had a huge whiteboard propped […]

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