Behind the Scenes of Halloween (Part 2)

As continuation to the last post, I shall share the spoiling of all the secrets and behind-the-scenes fun facts with you about the making of the Amateur Sleuth Blog: Halloween Snooping video on our YouTube channel… I should complete this list before moving on to new blog topics, like the secrets of The Deadly Device and hints at the next game.

12. At 2:43 of the video, Stuart’s door is actually unlocked.
13. I used a real hairpin to attempt unlocking the door, but it was in fact too big for the hole.
14. The unlocking sound was a real unlocking sound of the door I recorded separately.
15. The creaking door opening was the real sound of that door. (It really does creak in a spooky way!)
16. From 2:59 – 3:02, Jayme (our artist who also held open the last door) also swung open Stuart’s door while I recorded.
17. Iggy at 3:07 was one of our in-office life-sized stuffed animals. And yes, that was me making him move from behind the chair. 😉 We got him during the making of Legend of the Crystal Skull.
18. It was me turning off an on the light at 3:19
19. At 3:55, the drawing of the creepy tree was done by request. Thanks Tim!
20. The Easter Egg at 4:10 was my glass egg given to me by Megan, our president.
21. At 4:26, the spooky person in the back was Nik, our writer whom you saw earlier leave down the hall and turn out the lights.
22. Nik, our writer holds the camera from 4:28 – 4:46.
23. At 4:47, this is the same Nancy poster found earlier in Megan’s office by the white board.
24. At 4:58, this is our designer’s desk. By request, she actually wrote “Confidential” on the file folder and filled the inside with real notes and sketches from the next game. I was sooo close to showing them to you!
25. From 5:06 – 5:18, this is Josh, one of our artists. He is the original voice of Niko, whom you hear in the audio diaries in The Deadly Device! What’s even cooler, is that Josh sort of looks like the much-younger version of Niko! (I was glad to have this character “come to life” for this video!)
26. In real life, Josh is the quietest walker in the office. We had to re-record him stomping to get the footsteps loud enough.
27. From 5:01 – 5:05 and 5:09 – 5:21, Jayme is holding the camera.
28. Fun fact: Jayme voiced the message recording machine at the end of The Deadly Device.

Whew! That is a lot of fun facts!
Hope you had a great, safe Halloween! I sure did! 😉
~Little Jackalope~

4 responses to “Behind the Scenes of Halloween (Part 2)”

  1. I thought that was the Easter Egg Megan gave you!
    Sounds like a lot of work, thanks again for the great video!! 😀
    And congrats to the winner of the Adventure Matters contest! I hear we’re going to New Zealand. 🙂 Which is kind weird to know about ND30 when we barley know about GTH.
    Oh, by the way, do you know (and can you say) the official abbreviation for Thornton Hall?

  2. Hannah says:

    Wow!I voted MHM on your new poll and it looks like I’m one of the only ones so far that feels that way! It’s just when I first got MHM (about 8 years ago and I was very young then) the whispering in the halls “I see you” creeped me out so bad that I couldn’t play it! Years later after seeing that ND games ALWAYS have a logical explanation I mustered up courage and played it again. The first half on mute though… LOL.

    Thanks for that behinds the scenes list! Niko’s silent/stalker walk sounds hilarious! Also,the fact that the door would have slammed if it weren’t for Jayme the door would have slammed.(I wish you could show us a picture of what she looks like! I don’t think I’ve seen her before!)

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh by the way! I just saw the winner of the ‘Adventure Matters Contest’ has been announced! And the girl who won selected New Zealand! I’m so thrilled that location sounds brilliant! But now I’m wondering… will you share the list she was so privlaged to see with the rest of us now that it’s all over? The options she was able to choose from?

    You haven’t mentioned anything about it in your blog yet so I just thought I’d ask… I’m sure you were getting to that though of course but you just hadn’t yet because it’s such recent news. ._.


  4. @Future HeR Animator — Yep! I knew that egg would come in handy once again…for this video! I’m glad you enjoy our silly videos. 😉

    Also, I do know the abbreviation for ND#28…but it remains a secret until later.

    @Hannah — The “I see you” whispering in the MHM halls was my favorite part because it creeped me out too when I was younger!

    Unfortunately, the top location list choices is to remain a secret. The design team will still like to reference the list in case we choose to use one of those other locations later…mwahaha (It was a good list, I promise!)

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