Inside the Artist’s Studio

Several months ago, (early March, 2012) I got permission from our Character Designer, Van, to snap some photos of what he was working on. This is a picture of his touch-ups to one of the characters in The Deadly Device. In the game, you are not likely to see this person’s feet, but know this: Van lovingly put lightning bolts (how appropriate!) on the shoes!

~Can you correctly guess who’s shoes these belong to?~

There are several little additions our artists and programmers place into the game, sometimes as jokes that only office workers get to see or understand, other times they are fun references to other games that you might pick up, and sometimes there are hints to future games… have you noticed them for The Deadly Device?

We are near the middle of the pre-orders! Have you pre-ordered your copy of the game?
~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Inside the Artist’s Studio”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. How cool! It’s nice to know you guys put so much detail into everything!!:D it’s that what’s his face…. Gary? Gray? Something like that:P haven’t memorized the characters yet. I guess I should do that:) I saw a hint to TMB in ASH. The picture on the trunk in Alexei’s shop.
    Oh yeah!! So excited for pre-orders to shop!!:D please hurry lol!;D

  3. Lemme guess… Gary’s? 😉

  4. Andrea says:

    Gray Cortright?

  5. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    Ummm… I’d guess those are Ryan Kilpatrick’s? Oh and also, I was playing Secret of the Old Clock the other day and I noticed a Nikola Tesla reference in Josiah Crowley’s notebook (the one in the pink elephant). I doubt you guys were planning this that far back but… I thought it was interesting

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are those Gray’s shoes??

    From me,

  7. Many of you were correct! It is Gray Cortright’s shoes! Nice deductive work!

    @ILUVNANCY!!! — No way! There is a Tesla reference in CLK? I guess I should go back and look for that, so cool!!

  8. @LJ – yeah, there’s been quite a lot of discussion of it over on the message boards. 🙂 Just wondering, do you have a username with the forums? Every time I see the “Intern Jackalope” avatar, I get excited only to see it’s just a picture.

  9. @ComicalCrafty — I do have a username on the forums, but it is not “Little Jackalope”. The real story behind that avatar called “Intern Jackalope” is this: When I first joined Her Interactive as an Intern in the Production department, I drew that little sketch because I really liked jackalopes, and was excited to see jackalopes in the game we were currently finishing up: Trail of the Twister.

    It somehow made it onto the message boards…(hehe). I still use that avatar here on the blog. 🙂

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