When Sonny “Showed Up”

Hey all! I’m currently in San Diego off on an adventure with flat Sonny (see the summer contest we have going on here.) I will try getting some fun photos taken of Sonny and me to post on Facebook (unless you’ve seen some already!).

Until I return to really talk about my travels with Sonny, I thought that this week would be grand to write about where Sonny Joon could be “found” in the Nancy Drew games. We have never really seen or even talked to Sonny Joon. His doodles, helpful notebooks, and Koko Kringle wrappers have left helpful tips for solving the current mysteries.

The first game his notes and doodles appeared was in ND#6: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Sonny Joon was the former intern at the Beech Hill Museum, and he left behind his stuff.

Hmm…he sure seems to like space aliens, cartoon doodles….and Koko Kringle bars!

Today’s the last day to participate in the Facebook Caption Contest! We only accept creative entries in that post.

As for the weekend puzzle, here’s the solution:
The first part of the numbers refer to [the Nancy Drew game titles. #1 is Secrets Can Kill, #2 is Stay Tuned for Danger and so on.] The second part means the [letter you count to in that title, so the third letter of Alibi in Ashes would be “i” for example.] Once you count all the letters you will get this answer: [Have Sonny Will Travel].

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “When Sonny “Showed Up””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey LJ, JW: Are you going to meet Lani Minella (Nancy Drew) in San Diego? 😉

  2. William D says:

    It’s cool that your in Sand Diego. What’s the weather like up there? Random question time: What is your favorite flavor of Gelato/ Ice cream? On another note, the ”please prove you’re not a robot” bubble wants me to write my name, William O_o

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi LJ!
    You are going to San Diego? Cool! It sounds fun!I’ve never been there.
    Could you possibly do a birthday shout-out for me? I turned 13 on the 20th of June, but please don’t mention it being late. If you can, could you do something involving the color light blue?


  4. Breanna(; says:

    Little Jackalope as crazy as this sounds I’m playing secret of the scarlet hand right now. I’m doing a Nancy drew marathon for this summer where I play all of the Nancy drew games in order from secrets can kill “the original” to Ghost of Thornton hall and i’m having a lot of fun(:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will you ever offer Koko Kringles again? I’d really like another one!

    From me,

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