Girls and Technology

Not too long ago I posted about how Nancy Drew games are made for everyone: girls, boys, and adults, young and old. Now I would like to point out why we focus on and continue to encourage girls. Yes, you may see that our company name is “Her”, and our web site is now pink, and we often try to show our games to girls first. There are reasons for this. (Guys are still welcome, of course!)

First, we want girls to see that games are fun for them, too. The thing is, girls have it made tough. Being a girl myself, I can see from this perspective. Typically, video games are made attractive to guys, made by guys, and made for guys. Guys are encouraged to pursue business, math, science and technology in training and in school for those real-world job skills as well.

I remember starting a high school class called “Information Technology” because I was interested in a computer job. In a class of 25, there were only two girls. Me and Desiree. Where were the other girls? Later I took web design class and a computer animation class. In both classes there were only about 4 girls in each one. Why? I found these classes to be so informative and fun (hey! We were making things!)

Her Interactive strives to break the walls down of girl isolation in technology, math and science and inspire, interest, and encourage young girls and ladies to learn those “guy” skills…which are skills anybody can have. Us girls simply need to be shown these things and then be encouraged to give it a try! Actually, I think every young student, guys and girls alike, should be encouraged to try pursuing these skills. Why? Because in the very office I’m writing from are a bunch of skilled, talented men and women designing, programming, marketing and creating some really fun games! And we LOVE doing it! But we can only do it with the knowledge, education, and years of practice that it takes to do what we do.

If you are a guy or a girl still in school, think about what interests you, and if you don’t know, take a look at some of the Nancy Drew games. Did you like the puzzle in Pa’s general store (Trail of the Twister) that taught you about the tornadoes? What about typing in the correct code in the back of the arcade game in The Haunted Carousel? What about mixing chemicals in The Deadly Device?

There are soo many different things to learn or interest you in the Nancy Drew games. Perhaps something will catch your eye! Follow that trail to find out more about these things! I sure did, and now I work at the greatest company ever doing what I love to do!

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. Grace says:

    Being a female programmer, I’m also quite familiar with being the next to only girl in a technology class. And I find it odd that still there’s this idea that programming and other similar fields have always been the professions of men when in fact, some of the early programmers instrumental to development of modern computing were woman. 🙂 Love your games! In fact, there what inspired me to learning programming. 🙂

  2. William D says:

    Ok, I liked the programing bit, hated the chemical bit, and appreciated the Tornado bit. So, I gather, (plus my own wants and desires) maybe start off with something like programing, and when I get older try my hand at law school.
    I completely agree with what you said about the fact that girls should be able to do what men do if they want to do it. Jobs should never be gender specific, and neither should games!
    Also in your first paragraph, I thought… I thought you… were trying to get rid of me :,( lol jk

  3. Isis4ever says:

    Everything you said is very true – it is hard to be a girl sometimes. There are so many things guys do that girls don’t. 🙂

    Ever since playing TOT, I’ve wanted to be a meteorologist. I’m currently reading a college-level meteorology textbook!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Girl power!! You go LJ!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well,so far in school,I have taken two art classes. This fall I’ll be taking car care and learn how to take car of a car. I just hope it’s not too hard.

    From me,

  6. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    I know! I’m a girl and I’m really interested in getting a job working in media technology. I really like art but I’m also interested in computers so I was thinking of maybe working with animation or concept art. It seems kind of strange compared to what all my other (female) friends want to do when they’re older, but I really am interested in media arts.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with and understand Her’s message. I have been hoping to pursue a career at Her since I was 9. I am now 15 and am even closer to my dream. I took a course in school called Drafting and Design 9 where I could learn about creating art on computers. I was really excited and on the first day I walked in and only saw two other girls and one was a grade 11. One of them dropped the course before Christmas so now its just me and one other girl who hates the class, and the guys hardly even answer me when I speak to them. Next year I’m taking two Drafting and Design courses meant for grade 12s (one in animation and game design and one in general engineering) and because of people like you at Her I’m not afraid to walk in and be the only girl. I think that girls need to step up to the plate more because a lot of the time we have more to offer the world than boys. I’m getting 97% in that course and that is higher than some of the boys grades combined. Girls, Her is spreaing a powerful message – listen; They’re right. ~ Sincerely and impressed and inspired fan

  8. AppDude27 says:

    So I guess this post pretty much sums up the question: Will there ever be a Hardy Boys game?

    What a shame.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I always liked tornadoes because of TOT!! they are cool, but I’m not a fan of what they do

  10. William D says:

    @AppDude27: HerInteracitve didn’t make any Hardy Boys games. but I believe (sorry for Advertising) that the AdventureCompany made two of them

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