Sonny Does His Research

In Ransom of the Seven Ships, Sonny’s notebook becomes very helpful to Nancy. His research notes from being out in the field, studying the terribly clever Vervet monkeys, helps you understand how to play their games, and ultimately get you rewards that you will need later. Wow, Sonny has been to this remote island in the Caribbean, too! Where has he not been?

The doodle of himself on this notebook cover is what’s in the Where’s Sonny? contest we currently have going on.

His doodles in this book are among his best work, I think. Also, a combination of his doodles can be found on an image in our merchandise store in the Ransom of the Seven Ships category when you go to design your product. This is my choice item: the mouse pad, which many of you know can also be seen in The Deadly Device on Mason’s desk.

I love Sonny’s notebooks!

~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Sonny Does His Research”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you forgot VEN. He was mentioned there and a description is given of him and it says that he is on his way to the Caribeans(sp?).


  2. William D says:

    I really wish that Sonny would be introduced sometime in a Nancy Drew game. That would be the best thing since gelato XD

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