Weekend Puzzle #201

Even though we skipped celebrating the 200th puzzle last week, we can still celebrate this milestone! Hooray for puzzle #201!

Next week I will be out on vacation in San Diego, taking pictures with Flat Sonny for some contest fun (of course, I can’t win, but you sure can!). Were will you take flat Sonny this summer? Follow us on Facebook to see where my own Sonny will show up next week!

Since I will be out having real adventures, I won’t be able to post any extra birthday shout-outs until I return. I still have some Sonny Joon blog posts coming up for you, though. Until I return, see you on Facebook!

Speaking of Facebook, we have a weekend Caption Contest going on over there. Head over to post your most creative caption for a chance to win this mug from our Merchandise store!

We do have a birthday this weekend though!

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #201”

  1. Rachel Stevens says:

    LJ made a typo!

  2. Serge Hanna says:

    HAVE SONNY WILL TRAVEL XD have fun Jackalope ^.^

  3. William D says:

    That picture of Sonny holding/hugging that Jackalope was adorable so adorable. (Autocorrect wants me to put affordable, don’t know why though)
    Anyway, we might be heading to Wisconsin and Minnesota this year. (Figures the contes was this year because last year we went N. Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, etc *sigh* oh well)
    Another question, how do you get the flat Sonny? Also, are you going to judge them? If so, you may see me, but only maybe……. MWAHAHAHA!!!! (Random evil laugh >_<)

  4. Breanna(; says:

    Have fun Little Jackalope(: You deserve it!!!

  5. WWNDD12 says:

    I believe I cracked your code LJ! Nice job!

  6. William D says:

    Oh yah, guess what! I finally tried gelato! ^_^ YUM!!!!!!!!!

  7. LJ why aren’t there any new games in the play now section and i know HeR is creating the Silent Spy, but a new game came out so shouldn’t there be a new game in the play now section as well?

  8. Anonymous says:

    it looks like Flat Sonny is holding you Little J!

    From me,

  9. Elijah says:

    Snap… type… (its not a big deal)

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