Searching for Medallions

Did anyone play Treasure in the Royal Tower this weekend? I sure did for our first marathon in preparation for The Shattered Medallion! Somethings that I noticed for the first time: Professor Hotchkiss never tipped Nancy for all the work she did! Also, even though I know where everything is in Wickford Castle, it would have sure been nice to have a map someplace to refer to…but then, that would defeat the purpose of exploring and running into (and introducing ourselves to) dead ends.

Next week’s marathon: Secret of the Scarlet Hand, for Sonny Joon reasons.

Check out this fan art that Faylene emailed to us! It’s Sonny Joon!

For those of you who were anxious about the Nancy Drew madness on Facebook, I did not update the brackets chart these past few days because I was not in the office over the weekend. No worries, I was still counting the votes at 1:00pm each day! The chart is currently up-to-date now.

Looks like a few of you solved the weekend puzzle! Good thing it was an easy one, because the message boards are still down and you can’t communicate with each other about it just yet. It is a [rail fence] cipher, but the moon walk clue meant for you to count backwards. The answer is [Fate moves in odd ways…like a spider!] which is a direct quote from The Shattered Medallion.

~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “Searching for Medallions”

  1. Bree says:

    Hey LJ, I was wondering if you could give me a birthday shout-out this week. My birthday is April third, and I turn 16. Thank you!

  2. Zanna says:

    Wow, nice job, Faylene! 🙂

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