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Weekend Puzzle #123 + 3 Videos!

It’s Friday, and we have a few videos to share with you! Check them out! First of all, Phoenix interviewed Nancy Drew! Although since we don’t ever show Nancy Drew’s face in our games, all you see is Nancy’s silhouette. Take a listen: And then Phoenix got to interview the voice actress of Nancy Drew: […]

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Nancy Drew Castle Adventure (part 1)

Last weekend Phoenix and I went on a Nancy Drew adventure (check out Monday’s post for the Danger on Deception Island adventure post). Look where else we went! This is Manresa Castle! It’s the very castle that the Her Interactive team visited and stayed the night at as part of research for Message in a […]

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Puzzle Contest + ND Adventure

Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! Let’s get right to business: There were a few typos in the puzzle, but had been fixed. We still will accept all entries since the end answer is still the same. The puzzle is an [ottendorf or “book” cipher]. The word “pledge” linked directly to our Kickstarter […]

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Preparing our Games

This is a rather broad blog post title. Preparing our games could mean a lot of different things. At the moment, the production team is preparing for Beta, getting all the important “bugs” fixed and all critical cinematics and elements into the game. The art team is preparing for ND#28, and some have already begun […]

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Time Goes By…Fast!

Oh my! Where did the time go today? It went by so very fast, and here’s why: tomorrow we launch our Kickstarter campaign! We have been busy preparing for this for a long time now, putting great care into our presentation. Why? Because we want our games to go mobile (starting with Tomb of the […]

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The Aliens are Coming!

Not really, but I like that title. It should be the title of a Nancy Drew game or something.Mwahaha! I have hacked into the Amateur Sleuth Blog and changed Little Jackalope’s password. Until she figures it out…I’m the only one with access! Who’s got the skills? This guy! I have secrets I really wanted to […]

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“Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!”

For those of you who subscribed to our YouTube Channel or noticed our post on our Facebook page or via Twitter…Phoenix uploaded an amazing new video called “Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me!” This time it’s a music video featuring her and I sporting *cough* super-incredible-skilled dance moves to an un-original song, but with original […]

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Egg Mystery = Accusations Part 1

First off, it’s one of our awesome fans’ birthday today! Happy Birthday Zara!   Secondly, Phoenix posted a new video today! She is snooping through the CEO and President’s offices. (o.O) What will she find? Will she get caught? And if she does, what will she say? You’ll just have to watch now!! As for […]

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Hacktastic Busy Days!

Where did the day go yesterday? And the post? Yikes, you know what that means? We’ve been busy! Here’s what we’ve been focusing on: – Secret meetings about the next game – Focus groups on puzzles – The news we launched on Facebook about us doing a Kickstarter campaign!! – Hacky sack Oh hacky sack! […]

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Interviews, Puzzles, and Winners

I’m so excited!! Phoenix’s video interview with Nik part #2 is now live on our YouTube Channel! Whoo-hoo!! If you watch it all the way through you should leave a comment in reply to Phoenix’s future video thoughts (interviews with other employees, other things you’d like to see in upcoming videos etc…) I’m sure she’d […]

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