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Nancy Drew Castle Adventure (part 2)

As promised, here are a few more photos of Phoenix’s and my Nancy Drew adventure from this last weekend. As mentioned yesterday, we went to Manresa Castle, which inspired Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in the Royal Tower. This castle is an Inn and a restaurant. There have been stories of hauntings here, […]

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Dare to Play and Dylan Tours!

If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube Channel, you might not have gotten the latest news on a few videos we uploaded. Here’s a spectacular video put together by one of our amazing artists, James. It’s a great video to share with your friends who have never heard of Nancy Drew games. It’s like saying […]

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Puzzle Contest + ND Adventure

Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! Let’s get right to business: There were a few typos in the puzzle, but had been fixed. We still will accept all entries since the end answer is still the same. The puzzle is an [ottendorf or “book” cipher]. The word “pledge” linked directly to our Kickstarter […]

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Preparing our Games

This is a rather broad blog post title. Preparing our games could mean a lot of different things. At the moment, the production team is preparing for Beta, getting all the important “bugs” fixed and all critical cinematics and elements into the game. The art team is preparing for ND#28, and some have already begun […]

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Kickstarter Campaign Live!!

So as you can see, I’m back. The password to get into my account was “sonnywuzhere”, thanks guys! I would have eventually got in… Hooray!! Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! Spread the word, and pledge to back us up as we aim to raise enough money to port our games to mobile devices. (The […]

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Contest Winners and Prizes!

We finished up a bunch of contests (really only two) and have declared our winners! Our Facebook Caption Contest for Phoenix’s Ghost Hallway picture received a record-breaking response of captions, so Phoenix set some time to read through all of them, narrow down her top favorites, and then the team decided on the final winning […]

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