Egg Mystery = Accusations Part 1

First off, it’s one of our awesome fans’ birthday today! Happy Birthday Zara!

Secondly, Phoenix posted a new video today! She is snooping through the CEO and President’s offices. (o.O) What will she find? Will she get caught? And if she does, what will she say? You’ll just have to watch now!!

As for the Egg Mystery, the following day I went around and asked all of my usual suspects, and they all had similar reactions to my odd questioning: some had never heard of “egg blowing” and the rest were surprised that I had received a new egg. All except for one.

Although I have no hard evidence, I used the Nancy skill of interrogating suspects to listen carefully for their answers and study their faces. So far only two people have given me enough of a face to where I believe they are the culprit. Our Creative Director, Tim, was correct: there are multiple egg culprits!

Before I explain my thinking, here is what the papers lead to: The song lyrics at the 55 second mark says [I am the eggman]. Take a look at the solved puzzle here:

I therefore accuse the following people for their genius and standing-ovation-worthy skills:

The Chocolate Egg  = I had left late the previous night, therefore there weren’t very many (if any) workers left in the office. The following morning I arrived super early, and I checked my drawer right away, finding the chocolate egg (which didn’t exist very long, yum). I quickly went around the office to find 6 other people besides me. Three artists, two from production, one IT, and CJ at the front desk. [Tim, our Creative Director] has often suggested multiple culprits, and he had the best opportunity and the most guilty face. But since he has super mad sneaking skills, he could still be innocent yet try to gain the attention as the clever one. (Giving you the credit! Thanks for the most edible egg, and most tastiest one at that!)

The Glass Egg = Ok, this one was already solved, but let’s include it to keep track. This appeared mid-day when I was away from my desk. Asking someone nearby proved helpful, as he eye-witnessed [Megan, our President and CCSO] around my desk who then quickly rushed past. When questioned, she confessed that she simply wanted to give it to me because of this egg mystery, and since I was away, what perfect opportunity to place it in the famous drawer!

The Hollowed Egg = Like Nancy Drew, I asked out-right questions to see the suspects’ reactions. All but one person seemed surprised. My last suspect to question was in production, and when asked if she knew how to blow eggs, she answered yes. (Check off one point!) She knew very well of the song to which I was referring, in fact, she had the song at her desk (Check off two points). I asked out-right if it was her, and she smiled and said something like “Maybe. It may or may not have been me, I cannot account for my actions yesterday. I will not say.” Yep, that doesn’t strike me as a puzzled or surprised response. (Her sister verified that white eggs were in their home, that they both knew how to hollow eggs, and were both familiar with the song.) Keeping close attention to her face, I decided that [Cathy, our designer who is good at creating puzzles] is for sure the Hollowed Egg Puzzle culprit. (Bonus points to you for your carefully thought-out work, and sending me in circles!)

Sadly, I do not have answers to all of the other eggs, including the Dozen Eggs. So no one gets credit yet for those.

Hm…I wonder if the Dozen-Egg culprit will strike again, hopefully not with twelve, but maybe one. Yeah, I wasn’t really sure what to do with 12 eggs. XD

*Edited* I nearly forgot the weekend puzzle! Actually, I’m not very good at explaining this kind of cipher. The answer is [Right is Higher]. 

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Egg Mystery = Accusations Part 1”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That song sound hilarious. I’ll hav to listen to it so I can laugh. Who in your office likes the Beatles enough to know the song? And,I’ve heard of egg blowing,but I bet it’d be hard. one thing you can do,is ask everybody to draw the Sonny Joon alien,and then compare!

    From me,

  2. Yay! Some answers to the egg mystery!! Good detecting Little J, you deserve your own Easter egg in a game:)

  3. ComicalCrafty says:

    Ah! The EGGMAN! Why didn’t I think of that? 😀

    “I am the eggman! Whooo! They are the eggmen! Whooo! I am the walrus! Googoogjoo!

    Well, I’m glad Cathy likes the Beatles! Nancy Drew and the Beatles.. What could be better? 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Weird but awesome song! Maybe Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr are egg culprits! XD P.S. Koo koo ka choo!

  5. ComicalCrafty says:

    @Anonymous – LOL. Then they should’ve left their autographs too, then! But John Lennon was the original eggman from the song, so maybe it’s his ghost haunting Little J’s cubicle! “Message in the Haunted Cubicle”… Sound familiar?

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