The Aliens are Coming!

Not really, but I like that title. It should be the title of a Nancy Drew game or something.
Mwahaha! I have hacked into the Amateur Sleuth Blog and changed Little Jackalope’s password. Until she figures it out…I’m the only one with access! Who’s got the skills? This guy!

I have secrets I really wanted to share with my fans.

1. I know that the hollowed-out egg that Little Jackalope received last time with the note and my alien sketch was in fact, not placed in the drawer by our Designer, Cathy like she thought. It was someone else…

2. I’ve been creating a bit of a fiasco with notes around the office, especially with Phoenix, but also with a few others. I will say this: someone is about to get something that they will find disgusting.

3. Plan #271 has worked! My super awesome, totally out-of-this-world, koko-liscious famous celebrity kandy bar will be coming back…but it will be difficult for any normal person to get them. Sorry fans, I could only get it so far, but if you look closely at what new things Her Interactive is up to, you might notice where it is quietly inserted.

Oh look! Something flew past the window!! *Gasp* An Alien? Wait…wait…nope. It’s a Blue Angel. Bummer. Oh look! Ducks!

Gotta go!
Sonny Joon

12 responses to “The Aliens are Coming!”

  1. Thank for the awesome update sonny!:) I’ll be keeping my eye out for how to get my hands on a Koko!

  2. Krolmeisterclue (Olivia V) says:


  3. Hobbit4Lyfe says:

    Hi, Sonny! Will Nancy Drew fans ever get to meet you face-to-face in a future game? Or will we ever get to have you as a phone-a-friend option?
    I’m not the only one wondering…

  4. ComicalCrafty says:

    Hi, Sonny Joon! When are you making an appearance in the games? I hope you also have the abilities to approve comments and such. Can I have your “auto-graph”? (Hot dang!)

    Do I see something written in the lower right corner, and a … *gasp!* finger print? Is it YOURS?

  5. samantha says:

    We are going to get you Eggman! We fans have super powers agains you! We will warn Little J ! You are gonna get it with its not suspected !

    Teagpow ( Detective Nancy)

  6. I agree Krolmeisterclue! YES YES YES!!!

    I’ve been pretty busy at my new job, Hobbit4Lyfe. I don’t know if I will ever meet this “Nancy” person I keep hearing about…

    ComicalCrafty: Oops, did I leave a mark? Eh, it’s ok. No one could ever catch the Joon man!

    Samantha — I can neither confirm nor deny that I am the Eggman… o.O

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh! I love Sonny! I’ll totally look for Koko Kringle Bars.

    From me,

  8. Karen says:

    I bet the kringles u get is based on the donation amt through kick starter. bring back the nancy games on the chapter books. they were fun!

  9. Phoenix Star says:

    Yes…The Aliens ARE coming…during the Olympics…or sometime this year…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey there Sonny Joon! 😀

    To get a koko kringle, does it by any chance involve pledging to a certain Kickstarter campaign? :O 😀

    ~ NancyDrew31fan

  11. Teagpow says:

    soo cool sonny joon good job on the hacking in LOL


  12. Anonymous says:

    it’s la vache, not la veche

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