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Little Things + Little Secrets

When I showed up to my cubicle this morning I found this:   Bunny-shaped marshmallows from Phoenix! I was so happy… :’) As much as I wanted to keep them alive, they couldn’t survive me. Yeah, I ate them. I have a few secrets that I cannot really elaborate on and share with you yet…but […]

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Secret Meetings — Bunnies!!

Several team members here held a top-secret meeting again concerning ND#27, and since it was nice outside, we went out back. There is a slough (a still swamp-like river) surrounding the back end of the building and we are also located on a kind of nature park. Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but we […]

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Happy 4th 2012!!

Head’s up! We will be out of the office tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day, whoo-hoo! We hope you all have an awesome 4th of July, but don’t do anything Nancy won’t do, be safe and stay smart. 😉 Now I sound like Hannah Gruen… >.< There will be no blog post, or Twitter Quote Contest, […]

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Recording in June, Part 2

Remember the post Recording in June from last week? To follow up with that, today Phoenix posted the video of some of the recordings from then! Check it out on our YouTube channel. Do you recognize the voices? Only one voice is new to the studio, but I’ve heard it plenty of times before. Perhaps […]

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Old Tricks and New Craftiness

Hope you all had a great weekend, for many of you students this means school is either out already, or will be out soon. Yay, summer! I wanted to share with you something one of our Twitter fans, Maddie J. has made from The Captive Curse. It looks SOOO cool! I love it! (^_^) Thanks […]

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Peaceful Monday…?

We are right in the middle of the excitement, meaning it was exciting on Friday, and it will be super exciting in the near future, making today a nice, peaceful start to the week here at Her Interactive. The sun came out, and I heard that Phoenix is already working on more video blog entries […]

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