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Indy’s Paddle And A Nancy Drew Moment.

If you watched my introduction video two weeks ago then you would know I go to Butler University. If you haven’t watched the video, then go watch it here! One thing you won’t know just by watching the video is that at Butler I participated in a lot of activities such as the Rowing team or […]

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Strange Quotes From The Bathroom

Not much is happening around the office today. It was actually so quiet during lunch I read a little bit of Nancy Drew: The Sign of the Twisted Candles at Little Jackalope’s suggestion.  Pretty much the biggest thing that happened today was our windows got washed. But that is not very excited to you so […]

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The Secret of Titusville

If you watched my video last week then you know The Secret of the Old Clock is not only my favorite classic Nancy Drew game but also my Nancy Drew favorite book. If you are familiar with Her Interactive and our games at all, you know we like to hide little references or Easter Eggs […]

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Twitter Party & Trading Cards

We had a great Twitter party earlier today! And we gave away a bunch of prizes, including 3 Kindle Fires! Too bad we never started trending with our hashtag #NancyDrewCodes. 🙁 We’ve also been sharing these cute trading cards below. Here are the first ones: -Little Jackalope

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Party, Animation, and Weekend Puzzle #308

We have a Twitter party coming up where we will be giving away app store gift cards and Kindle Fires! Whoo-hoo! Will you join us on Twitter? Save the date! Also, who remembers the animated silhouette on teal background during the old game installation? That’s where this animated comes from, but is shown here on […]

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TV Show & Featured Section

The buzz continues about the TV show, “Drew,” not being picked up by CBS. The A.V. Club posted an informative article on the subject of the networks’ process for building a show and what this looks like for “Drew.” Read the full article on their site here. Another great article “Nancy Drew ‘Too Female’ for […]

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“Drew” Not Picked Up

If you’ve been following the news, over the weekend CBS decided to not pick up the TV show “Drew,” the modern-day Nancy Drew series that was meant to air this fall. In several articles like this one, it’s noted that while the pilot screened well, CBS didn’t want it because it was “too female” for […]

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Codes & Clues Now Available!

Hey all! In case you haven’t heard the news, we released Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues today in the app stores! The links to each of the app stores can be found on our web page here. This new game app is for new sleuths, young sleuths, sleuths who like casual, easy games, sleuths who […]

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Nancy Drew’s 86th Anniversary!

Hooray! Eighteen-year-old Nancy has turned 86! On this day in 1930, the first Nancy Drew book was released, The Secret of the Old Clock. The next couple of days was the release of the second and third book. Today we celebrate with solving mysteries AS Nancy Drew. If you are missing one of the Nancy […]

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Coloring & Creative Sentences

A fan shared with us a link on Twitter to a printable document of blown-up line art from the classic Nancy Drew books. You can print these out and color them! Click here to see the document. Today we posted another caption contest on Facebook! You only have one day to participate for a chance […]

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