Celebrating Nancy Drew’s Anniversary With Collectibles!

Hello sleuths! Today is the anniversary of the first Nancy Drew book in 1930: The Secret of the Old Clock! And our theme is “Celebrating Nancy Drew’s Anniversary with Collectibles.” Ninety-one years ago, the Stratemeyer Syndicate published and released this book for girls, and launched the famous sleuth into her first mystery. To this day it is still a classic, with many classic elements of a Nancy Drew story, such as a lost will, people in need of money to support their family, an orphan, a snooty rich family who get in the way, danger, intrigue, hidden compartments and more!

Our game, Secret of the Old Clock, incorporates elements from the first four Nancy Drew books, taking place in the original time frame with Nancy’s classic blue roadster. (Fun fact, Nancy has had three different colored cars in her life!) What can we say? We are nostalgic!

I am personally nostalgic for Nancy Drew games, since I grew up with the games and the books. I have developed an appreciation for old, vintage things, styles, and the romanticized dream of finding hidden passageways and hidden compartments in every old piece of furniture or old house I come across.

Nancy has greatly impacted my life, since her qualities and adventures inspire me to try new things, explore new places, solve real-life puzzles and problems, and even decorate my living space with elements of Nancy styles.

Nancy Drew Bookshelf - Calina

This anniversary season for Nancy, we are celebrating our Nancy Drew collections with a special, limited time collectible pin! This pin features one of the silhouettes of Nancy Drew on top of the spines of the stack of books you see as our menu screen in games 2-13. Due to the overwhelming demand in our first weekend of offering 100 pins, we increased the quantity so that more people can order this enamel lapel pin, which has an antique gold finish with a butterfly clasp to secure it on any of your Nancy Drew shirts or items. I’m looking forward to getting mine! (Head’s up, this is a tiny pin. It’s about 1/2 inch square.)

Nancy Drew Anniversary Collector Collectible Pin

Also, check out my previous post here about the book stack. I created print-outs for you to use and replace or make DVD “keepsake” case inserts for all the existing Nancy Drew games.

Here’s to many more years of Nancy Drew and solving mysteries! Stay sleuthy!

-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman)

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  1. Happy 91st Birthday to our favorite girl detective and many more years of solving her mysteries! And in honor of her birthday I wore my Nancy Drew earrings and my “I’m Nancy Drew, Don’t Worry I’ve got this!” shirt and I played The Secret Of The Old Clock!

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