The Gang Goes on Spring Break

Hello Sleuths!

I hope everyone’s April has been going well so far. This month I started my last quarter of classes EVER and I am equally nervous and so excited! Since I have also just finished with my spring break, it had me thinking of what it would be like to go on spring break with Nancy Drew and the gang! Since everyone’s personalities are so different, I can see the vacation going in MANY different directions.

Picture this: Nancy, Ned, Bess, and George are going on a vacation to one of the most popular locations of spring break: the beach! It’s the day before everyone is supposed to leave, and Bess is trying to cram as many cute bathing suits as possible into one suitcase, George is worried about how they are going to fit in all the activities they want to do on the trip in so little time, Nancy has already been packed and ready to go for days and Ned… well… he’s just happy he was invited.

Once they arrive the FIRST thing anyone says is Nancy reminding everyone to put on their sunscreen! Bess is immediately wondering where the cutest boys are so she can sit right next to them, and George is already diving into the water with her snorkel gear to look at the different fish! Again, Ned is just happy to be there and has become the bag holder of the trip.

Obviously, Nancy just can’t help avoiding any and all ways to get caught up in another mystery! She’s talking to the locals around her, asking to see if there are any sort of mysterious occurrences happening on the beach! Some people roll their eyes, while others are assuring her that the worst thing around them is that there are too many people on the beach at once!

Halfway through the trip, Bess already has met all the cutest guys. One of them holds up a shade for her while she soaks up the sun’s rays, another is trying to find her the prettiest shells, and others are just hoping she remembers their names! (For those who will understand this reference, imagine Ty Lee on the beach during the Ember Island episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender… AKA my favorite show ever!) George has already been in touch with National Geographic as she believes she has discovered six new underwater species. Nancy is bugging a local about their past, and Ned is gladly standing by Nancy’s side… holding all the bags.

Safe to say, this trip ends on a good note with everyone coming home, all sunkissed and ready to get back to their lives in sweet little River Heights! Considering all of these characters are completely fictional, who knows if they will ever get their spring break vacation; however, I think this would be fairly accurate if it did!



What do you think spring break for the gang would look like? Is it close to my interpretation? Also, did you do any fun sleuthing of your own during spring break? I would love to know, comment down below!

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful April! It is a pretty important month considering we have the ONE and ONLY Nancy Drew’s birthday right around the corner! We are celebrating the whole month and have so many fun things in store!



In honor of the sleuthing queen’s birth month, we are looking to see how YOU are celebrating Nancy by showing us your Nancy Drew collection! If you wish to share, please use the hashtag #NDCollector22 for a chance to win a limited edition collectible item we’re releasing in the next few weeks!

Stay sleuthy! 😀

— Roo

3 responses to “The Gang Goes on Spring Break”

  1. Lia says:

    Has there been any news about the next game? I haven’t been keeping track with things. And is HeR going to improve the quality since the last game?

  2. sirenbells says:

    I wanna know what Sonny Joon is doing on this beach, I feel like he’s out of sight or undercover but definitely knows Nancy’s there

  3. Mary says:

    Apparently, I had a little too much fun during the ol’ lady version of Spring Break and just now found this post. Love it!

    Re: Sonny Joon

    I saw a dude with a bulging backpack filled with hair product and a daily whine. “My hair! The sun is fading my color!”

    This might have been someone else. The hair color was so variable that it could have been Sonny, a different person each day, something in the water, or… ? I merely mention it here for any sleuth who can confirm or deny this possible Sonny factoid. In event of class action lawsuit for multiple persons with similar hair issues at the same place and time, please contact Carson Drew of River Heights, Illinois. He is the best, and his daughter is the bomb!

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