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“I’d like a bowl of gumbo, please!”

The day has finally come when a food truck came by our office building that serves gumbo! Hooray! Bess in Legend of the Crystal Skull has the opportunity to visit a nearby food truck, called “Granny’s Cajun Cooking”. I got to experience this Nancy Drew–er–Bess Marvin Moment in real life today:   Our artist, John, […]

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Old Secrets Lead to Scotland

With all the excitement we had over our last game, Ghost of Thornton Hall, it was quite easy to forget the old secrets hinted at for this year. Remember the old post 13 Hints for 2013 in January? There was one hint that I forgot to answer for GTH… Next Hint #7: Talent. This vague […]

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Sonny Tries Gumbo

As some of you may know, I went on a vacation a couple of weeks ago, taking flat Sonny with me for several photo opportunities. If you are traveling around your hometown or far away, print out flat Sonny to take pictures with to post to our Facebook page! Learn more about the contest here. […]

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Marathon of Scares

I was trying to be more creative with my blog title, by re-using similar words from the past…eh…Anyways, as we continue the Nancy Drew “Scary Game” marathon in preparation for Ghost of Thornton Hall, we finish up Legend of the Crystal Skull this week and begin The Haunting of Castle Malloy for the weekend.  Three […]

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Art from the Games

If I may say so, I personally really like the cover art for Ghost of Thornton Hall. 🙂 So much so that I bought a kindle case from our own merchandise store with this art on it: And while I was there I also had to get the Sonny Joon notebook design (from Ransom of […]

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A Lovely Spring Day….with Tacos

Yet another Taco food truck stopped by today in the next-door parking lot, so of course I rushed over for elevensies to get tacos…which looked like a glorious mess and therefore I didn’t take a picture. But they were amazing! A couple hours later I went back for a second lunch to try the gorditas, […]

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Awards, Trophies and Badges

We have gone through many end-game awards over the years. At first, we were left to feel proud of ourselves over the accomplished game, which, after the closing letter, would drop us into the end credits. But when we made The Haunted Carousel, we added something a little extra to say “Well done!” Game awards! […]

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Passwords and Technology

I’ve talked often about keys and locks…but not so much about passwords. Passwords are simply codes of words, characters, numbers, shapes or colors presented in the right order at the right time to gain access to a new location or gain new information. At least, that’s my quick definition… In my viewpoint, passwords are primarily […]

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