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Throwback to Gargoyles

Throwback to solving the vulture/gargoyle heads in Legend of the Crystal Skull! I admit, this puzzle gave me a hard time. I had to constantly check my progress and I had low patience for it. >_< Have you solved this mystery yet? It’s a good one to play in the dark. You can get this […]

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Sunny Yoon and Throw Back Thursday

Last night I was goofing around online while watching tv and I found this picture that a fan had taken while they were visiting Salem Massachusetts. I found it so fitting that I had to share it with you today! What do you guys think? Has Sonny Joon created a not so secret identity and […]

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Throwback to Cemeteries

The Nancy Drew Moment Contest is nearly over! Tomorrow is the last day you can enter (by 11:59pm PT) for a chance to win a trip to Salem! Head over to the contest page here for more details. Also, we are having a Throwback Thursday sale on Legend of the Crystal Skull. (Use promo code […]

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Fast Mini Games

Some of the mini games and puzzles and activities found in the Nancy Drew games are either timed, or you simply have to be FAST at solving it. One game in particular was putting the wasps to sleep in Legend of the Crystal Skull here:   What timed/fast activities did you like or had trouble […]

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Oscar Nominations: Nancy Drew Style

If you follow the news here in America, one of the big stories today is the announced Oscar nominations. These are for movies, of course, but it got me thinking “What if the Nancy Drew games had their own awards?” So I’ve made this list (with the Oscar equivalent in parenthesis) to fill out. Supporting […]

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Teeth and Clues

Hey all! I was out of the office yesterday because I visited the dentist. Had to have some work done on my first molar. All I could think of was the dental chart in Legend of the Crystal Skull yesterday. Guess what we are currently working on in the office? Here’s a clue: As for […]

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Obvious Overlooks

I’ve been re-playing Treasure in the Royal Tower recently, and even though I am very familiar with it, I still learned something new. You know when you first play a game, and you don’t read EVERYTHING like you should? Well, I had the game memorized after a few rounds in the earlier days, but had never […]

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The Spiders in Nancy’s Life

In Stay Tuned for Danger, the prop room had a little spider crawl away from an oil can on the shelf. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, a large spider drops down right in front of your face. In Danger by Design, a spider hangs out in the wall. But the worst spider of all was […]

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Check this out! Some fans have cosplayed (costume played) as Mel Corbalis from Warnings at Waverly Academy and Henry Bolet Jr. from Legend of the Crystal Skull! How awesome is this?! It may be a bit early to think about it, but Halloween is next month. Will you be dressing up in any Nancy Drew […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iPad!

Hooray! Today is a historic day for Her Interactive! We have launched a full-length mystery onto the iPad! Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall used to be available exclusively for PC and Mac computers, but is now available in the iPad App store here. The Android and Kindle Fire versions will release later. I’m excited! […]

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