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Trivia Tuesday and Pumpkins

Hey, there trivia tamers! Did you know every week I make trivia questions on our Instagram story? Today is Queen Marie Antoinette’s birthday, so I figured it is only fitting to make the trivia Nancy Drew royalty-themed! This means I took questions from our three Queens from our games. Marie Antoinette from Treasure in the […]

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Indy Says Goodbye and Shares a Fun Adventure With Tess

Hi guys it’s Indy. Before we get to the sad stuff, first I want to share with you the adventure Tess and I had when we traveled to Wickford Castle! Okay, it wasn’t actually Wickford Castle, but it was the closest thing you can get to the real one. We went to a small island […]

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On Vacation, and Nancy is a Time Lord

Hey guys! I’m actually going to be out of the office for the next two weeks and two days, starting tomorrow. Why? Well, I’m getting married and going to Canada for the honey moon. Whoo! Anyways, intern Tess is going to be filling in on the Amateur Sleuth blog posts until I get back on […]

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Throw Back Thursday and Fun Books in WAC

Today’s Throwback Thursday reminds us of one of my favorite moments, building sandcastles in Danger on Deception Island. I actually just beat DDI for the umpteenth time last night, how fitting! Was anyone like me and wasted so much time just building these giant sandcastles instead of actually solving the mystery? Did you guys know […]

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Favorite Game, On a Shirt!

Fan Rachel went into our merchandise store, designed a T-shirt… And took a picture of it when she received it. She was super excited for her shirt to arrive (featuring cover art from The Phantom of Venice)! I’ve been working on some merchandise store image planning these past few weeks. Intern Dahlia created some images […]

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Old Secrets Lead to Scotland

With all the excitement we had over our last game, Ghost of Thornton Hall, it was quite easy to forget the old secrets hinted at for this year. Remember the old post 13 Hints for 2013 in January? There was one hint that I forgot to answer for GTH… Next Hint #7: Talent. This vague […]

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Happy *groundhog day! Today a fellow team mate and I went out for a lunch meeting and I decided to be gutsy and try a little *gasp* couscous! I had never tried it before (it’s only a grain, like rice) so I thought that with my burger I would give it a go. It tasted […]

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