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Last Weekend to Pre-Order! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #255)

This weekend is the last chance to pre-order your copy of Labyrinth of Lies and receive the Bonus Edition. We have set a goal for our fans: if we reach 10,000 pre-orders by end of Monday (October 13th), we will make the soundtrack free for everyone. Do you think we can make it in one […]

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Getting to Know the Characters

Many of you have already finished playing  Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies; congrats on another mystery solved! Now that you have finished the game, who are your favorite characters? Did you really annoy some suspects? Did you see some characters totally lose their cool? Who surprised you the most? Without giving away any spoilers (if […]

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Download Labyrinth of Lies!

Today is the day! If you pre-ordered the digital copy of Labyrinth of Lies, you can download the game right now! HOORAY! Today I celebrated by eating a gyro and Greek yogurt, and by reading some early reviews by fellow fans. Then I re-watched the trailer: Have you begun playing Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery? When […]

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Getting Ready for LIE!!

Tomorrow is the big day! If you pre-ordered Labyrinth of Lies digital download, tomorrow is the day you may begin downloading! Are you to solve a new mystery… in Greece?! WHOO!   Today we were organizing some spaces, going through power cords and old game systems, just to make things tidy. Here is our Super […]

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Your Favorite Game!

Howdy sleuths! It’s the Friday before pre-order date! If you pre-ordered the physical version of Labyrinth of Lies, your game is likely shipping this weekend. If you pre-ordered the digital download, Tuesday is your day to being downloading! Oh the EXCITEMENT! 😀 If you are anxiously waiting your game, you can spend a moment telling […]

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Nike, Winged Victory

One of our artists, Jami, brought in a miniature desk statue of Nike. Artist Josh used this desk statue to model a 3D version into Labyrinth of Lies. Check it out! On the left is the game version, which is located in the museum. Another, complete version of Nike is found in another secret location […]

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“Persephone in Winter”

Have you seen this play poster we shared on Facebook? It’s one of the images I’m working on to get into the merchandise store right now. This is the official “Persephone in Winter” poster that is shown in a few places in Labyrinth of Lies. Artist Jayme got to work on this. 🙂 Have you […]

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Boxing the Games

Labyrinth of Lies is getting closer and closer to its release date! Here’s the proof: This is only a copy of the standard edition. Our office received the first copies today! Sadly, we are waiting on the Bonus Edition. The copies are still in process. 🙁 Did you pre-order the physical or digital edition? I’m […]

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Award Winners (And Weekend Puzzle #253)

Last night, we were awarded the Tech Impact Award for Entertainment by Seattle Business Magazine! You can read the full story here. We are excited that our little company has received this, and we celebrated today with doughnuts. Yum. On a side note, we have a one-day sale happening now! If you don’t have Ransom […]

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Xenia vs. Niobe

Head over to Facebook! We have a great caption contest happening this week, featuring Thanos and Sonny Joon… and the prize is AWEsome. Post your most creative caption to that post! On another note, I’ve noticed some people mention the similarities between the female characters in Labyrinth of Lies. I, too, thought this when I […]

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