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Kidnappings, Fans, and Myths

Do you remember how much you (as Nancy) struggled to get people to help look for Maya in The Final Scene? I remember FIN being the game where Nancy sounded the most anxious, desperate and worried about her friend. But then, if I had a friend who was kidnapped and her life had a three-day […]

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LIE Dates & Scary Games

Mark your calendars! We have officially released the dates for Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies! Also, intern Dahlia made a great vine today! I find it funny sometimes how one person may think a Nancy Drew game is scary, while their friends don’t think it’s scary at all… Which games do not scare you? We […]

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Hardy Boys + Scooby-Doo! (Weekend Puzzle #248)

HARDY BOYS CONFIRMED: Our character designer has re-designed the art for Frank & Joe Hardy! This illustration will be their phone avatar in Labyrinth of Lies. What do you think? Compare to the last two designs from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Creature of Kapu Cave: Also, here is the video that […]

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Behold! Cerberus! (And Weekend Puzzle #247)

We shared this screenshot today from Labyrinth of Lies! (Click on the image for a larger view.) Dahlia quizzed Nik and Cathy! Think you know Nancy Drew games? How does your score compare? 😉 Oh right! And here’s your weekend puzzle: @) – * – % – !* – ( – @@ – % – […]

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Labyrinth Fan Art

Welcome back from the weekend, sleuths! We have some new fan art to share with you today. This Labyrinth of Lies image is a drawing from Emma: As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like a few detectives did indeed solve it! All you have to do is [identify what the images are, and take […]

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Teases from LIE… Continued.

So it turns out I missed a few shoes to show off from yesterday:   One of these is a newer character. One is a model version of shoes I’ve shown you, and a third… is special. Tomorrow we shall show you more. Not shoes, but something better. Stay tuned! 😉 Oh hey! We shared […]

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Clues to Labyrinth of Lies

Did I say Clues? I meant Shoes. I thought it would be nice to share with you some things from Labyrinth of Lies. 🙂 Yay shoes! These are clips of the concept illustrations for the characters. Except for the last one. That last one is from the first model of that character. What clues could […]

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Counting the Lies

Here in the Her Interactive office today, we have had a bit of excitement. After several weeks of beautiful, hot sunny weather, we have a sudden down pouring of rain. Here is a mild picture of what it looks like out our windows right now, but earlier it was torrential! Before: Her Interactive in the […]

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Fan Art: LIE Cover Art!

While we, at Her Interactive, are busy working on the new cover art for Labyrinth of Lies, some fans have already finished their artistic versions of how they imagine the cover illustration, check these out! So awesome! We still have a lot of work to do on our official version, and I can’t wait to […]

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Behind the Scenes of LIE (Weekend Puzzle #244)

LIE is the official acronym for Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery, Labyrinth of Lies, and we have been working hard on it! Two weeks ago I got to sit in on the first official play-through meetings with the design team to check the logic, story, game play and make sense of the puzzle that intertwines it […]

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