Getting Ready for LIE!!

Tomorrow is the big day! If you pre-ordered Labyrinth of Lies digital download, tomorrow is the day you may begin downloading! Are you to solve a new mystery… in Greece?! WHOO!



Today we were organizing some spaces, going through power cords and old game systems, just to make things tidy. Here is our Super Tech girl clearing out some spaces. She discovered a gazillion desktop monitor cords. Yep. This has been our excitement for the day.


We are anxious for tomorrow when we get to talk all about Labyrinth of Lies more!

-Little Jackalope

14 responses to “Getting Ready for LIE!!”

  1. Sam Powell says:

    Who won the journal contest!??

  2. Connie says:

    Woohoo! Blood of Olympus AND LIE ship tomorrow? What am I gonna do if they arrive on the same day?!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Play whichever installs faster! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or since you asked me, I vote to play Labyrinth of Lies!

  3. Isis4ever says:

    Computer monitor cords! How exciting. Actually that’s really cute – I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. Bella says:

    Hi all,

    it’s such a shame to live in another time zone (Europe), it’s allready the 7th of October here and i have to wait for this evening or longer to get the email with the downloadable content, i know it doesn’t take long now but i just can’t wait any longer LOL:-)

    Looking so forward to play it:-)


  5. Hadley says:

    Who got the Nancy Drew notebooks for writing a review?

  6. audrey_joon says:

    mine should be here soon…. im so exited!!!

  7. Caroline says:

    When will the physical copies be shipped? And when will we receive the physical copy? Also, could you do a SPY themed birthday shoutout for Caroline November 3? Thanks!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Birthday = you bet! Physical copies have already begun shipping, you receive it depending on your location and when you ordered it and what shipping option you chose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Mel says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,

    Can I call you LJ so it makes typing little faster?

    I am ‘dying’ to get that game lol (I am still waiting for it even though I have no tracking number to working in shipping company website) So I am waiting for my game to show up at my school and hopefully I can get it before I come home for fall break on thursday, if not arrive before I leave, I can play the game after school next Thursday when I come back to school on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. Cool picture of those cords…

  9. Kevin says:

    aw i entered the competition pretty early and i was sure id get in but i didnt ๐Ÿ™ hm. but out of curiosity, did the journal competition apply to international competitors? i live in new zealand..

    and another question, can international people buy the journal on this website? i wanted to buy it before but it didnt have my country.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Yes, the contest was open to everyone, including international entries. But sadly, the merchandise store only ships within Canada and the U.S. ๐Ÿ™

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