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Throwback Thursday and Seal of Approval Winner

Hey, guys! So guess what: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues is officially a Seal of Approval Winner by The National Parenting Center! It was “a huge hit with our parent and child testers” according to their description on the award page. This is super awesome, and we’re all thrilled about it. You can check out what else they had […]

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Girls Who Code and Our CEO

That sounds like the name of a mystery, heh heh. Anyway, hey guys! So did you know that our CEO got to speak at a Girls Who Code graduation in Redmond, Washington last week? Here’s a picture of her with some of the girls from the program: Way to go, Penny! If you don’t know what […]

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Trivia Tuesday

Hey, guys! Today is a good day to answer a trivia question! This one is from Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. You can play the game by visiting our website at today! Honestly, if this theme park actually existed and my friends were up for it, I would probably go. I enjoy theme parks, and […]

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Well Done, Coco!

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! To finish the day off right, here’s a video of Coco eating a Koko Kringle! For those of you who have not had the chance to watch her videos, Coco does a fabulous series of walkthroughs of Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. You can check out her first one here: Do […]

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MID Art and Weekend Puzzle #314

Hey, guys! As you may have seen already today, we released some more Midnight in Salem character art! This week’s addition is Lauren Corey. I think she looks awesome, I love her simple style. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the post on our Nancy Drew Games Facebook page because there’s extra […]

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Throwback Thursday Today!

Hey, guys! Throwback Thursday today! This one is from The Creature of Kapu Cave. Haven’t played it yet? That’s okay! You can get the digital download for 50% off today only. Just use the promo code CRE50 at checkout. Sweet dreams, Dr. Craven. I remember a few years ago now (speaking of Throwback Thursday’s) when […]

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Have your cake and meme it too

Hey, guys! I hope your Wednesday is going well for all of you. Mine has been pretty productive, just checking things off my to-do list one by one. One of my more recent projects has been video prep and some editing. There’s actually one video that I’ve been working on that needs to go on […]

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Trivia Tuesday!

Hey guys! It’s Trivia Tuesday! Today’s trivia question is from Sea of Darkness. I played through this game right when I first started at HeR. I raced through and finished it in less than two days–it was a lot of fun. The music was great, and the setting was beautiful. Although, in real life, I […]

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A Monday Meme

Hey, guys! Happy Monday! Check out this meme about Ranger Akers from Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I remember when I first played this game, up to this point I thought that everyone was being kind of hard on him. Sure he’s a little strict, but isn’t that better when it comes to matters of safety? Better to be overly […]

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T-Shirt Contest Winner (and Weekend Puzzle #313)

Hey, guys! We have a winner for the Nancy Drew t-shirt contest: Congrats to Kelsey Reese! We’re excited to send you your t-shirts. And thank you to everyone else who participated in the contest. We’re over halfway to 1,000 likes for the Codes & Clues Facebook page. We’re getting there! (Also, to celebrate the occasion, Indy […]

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