Well Done, Coco!

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! To finish the day off right, here’s a video of Coco eating a Koko Kringle!

For those of you who have not had the chance to watch her videos, Coco does a fabulous series of walkthroughs of Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. You can check out her first one here:

Do you like Coco’s walkthroughs? Because I do.

And here is the answer to this weekend’s puzzle:

No one to blame:


Too much to handle for you:


First thing in the morning:


Second Chance:


Counting the ways:



4 responses to “Well Done, Coco!”

  1. Prairie says:

    I love Coco! She is so adorable!

  2. megan says:

    can I have a shoutout for my bday on Thursday? I’m gonna be 20

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