2021 Cookie Contest Honorable Mentions!

Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! In case you missed it, we announced the winners of the 2021 Holiday Cookie Contest! Our talented winner’s masterpieces can be seen here: 

Announcing Our 2021 Cookie Contest Winners

After going through all of the AMAZING entries you all submitted, we wanted to showcase some honorable mentions from this past contest as you all made picking the winners so tough! 

Category 1: General

Starting with our Main Category (Category #1), here are some favorites worth showing:

Bianca B

First is Bianca B’s entry including all the different style task lists from the games! This idea was so creative and fun! Can you tell what games these tasks are from? (Hint: One of these lists is utterly rude…)



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A post shared by Anne (@a.g.illustration)

Another fabulous entry in our main category was AG Illustration’s cookie puzzle from Castle Malloy! I remember first doing this puzzle and was TERRIFIED that the banshee was going to get me if I took too long! Haha


Another entry we loved was Haikumaven’s classic pie cookies from the Lilac Inn! Just looking at these I want that cherry pie ASAP!

Abby M

Fire so red, night so black, how good looking is this snack?! (I know, I know, poetry is my passion) This Charlotte cookie done by the talented Abby M. is AMAZING!



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A post shared by Sera Hill (@seralucy)

Check out @Seralucy’s wonderful cookies inspired by The Curse of Blackmoor Manor! From plants to runes, they did a wonderful job at including everything enchanting about this great game!



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A post shared by Victoria Coleman (@coleman.victoria)

@Coleman.victoria’s entry beautifully encapsulates all the great things about Tomb of The Lost Queen! The detail in all her cookies is incredible!

Category 2: 3D Gingerbread

NOW for all the wonderful entries from Category #2, or our Gingerbread category!



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A post shared by HollyHobby18 (@hollyhobby18)

This rendition of the castle from The Haunting of Castle Malloy done by the talented @Hollyhobby18 is just absolutely amazing! I can totally picture Nancy flying around here via jetpack!



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A post shared by Breanna (@dreamsandveganfood)

I can just hear Freddie’s voice when looking at this snow fort done by @dreamsandveganfood! No Ice balls were thrown around here!



Mimi A

HOW INCREDIBLE IS THIS?! Mimi A. did an incredible job at making this dollhouse from The Haunting of Castle Malloy come to life! Again, even looking at this I am haunted by that banshee! 

Sarah G

This gingerbread house of the Old Town Hall from Alibi in Ashes is like looking at the cover art! Who else can hear Brenda Carlton reporting the fire when looking at this?

Sogol S

Who remembers the one and only Cappy’s from the Ghost Town in The Secret of Shadow Ranch?! This Gingerbread done by Sogol S. is so detailed, they even included a teeny tiny “Keep Out” sign!

Category 3: Video

Onto our last category! Here are the honorable mentions from Category #3, our Video Category:

Charlotte M

The hugely talented Charlotte M. Gifted us with not one but TWO incredible entries this year! One displays the wonderful (but tricky) card game from The Final Scene and the other is giving me flashbacks of the amount of times I crashed the snow mobile in the White Wolf of Icicle Creek! So creative and fun!

Abby F


I think we all agree that Abby F.’s dog deserves an Oscar for their superb acting skills here! Dogs and cookies, how much better can it get!



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A post shared by Breanna (@dreamsandveganfood)

Lastly, @Dreamsandveganfood gave us another wonderful entry of the cookie-making process from The Silent Spy! I wonder what a vegan jammie dodger tastes like?? 

Thank you again to all of those who submitted your entries to this year’s contest! We love all the effort time, and sugar you put into all these masterpieces! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next Cookie Contest! Let us know down below which one was your favorite!

Reminder that all our games are currently 35% Off until the 24th for our Cozy Cooking Sale!

Keep up the incredible work and as always,

Stay Sleuthy!
– Roo

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