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Hey there Nancy Drew Clue Crew,

This week after a few long zoom meetings some of us in the office started talking about our Nancy Drew legacy story. This is what we started calling our earliest memories of Nancy Drew, or how we were introduced to the brand.  Back when I was an intern I believe I had mentioned that I have a few original Nancy Drew books given to me by my grandmother, but I don’t think I went into detail about my own Nancy Drew legacy story.

Growing up I was always aware of Nancy Drew, but I didn’t get really into her until 3rd grade. One day after school I went over to my soon-to-be-best friend’s house for a good old-fashioned sleepover. Growing up in a beach community it seemed all we ever did was play outside in the summer months. Well, this day it was raining! After starting and quitting halfway through all the board games she had, setting up a whole Barbie village in her basement, AND creating a stuffed animal circus we found ourselves out of ideas. Then she remembered a computer game she had just gotten for her birthday from her grandmother. It was Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. We started up the stairs to her family’s computer and Kaitlyn began telling me about the tale of the Beast of Blackmoor, someone whose name sounded like Nigel Cookie G, and mysterious changing rooms.

Her sister Shannon met us at the top of the stairs and said there is absolutely no way I could start the game with the moving room puzzle. I had no idea what Shannon or Kaitlyn were talking about, but it all sounded so cool- I was hooked. We started the game over and all three of us took turns controlling the mouse, taking notes, and being the “keeper of the snacks.” That sleepover in 2001 changed the entire trajectory of my life.

I left the sleepover with Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel in my backpack and nothing but Nancy Drew on my brain for weeks to come. I had no idea the message boards existed yet, so when I say my mom and I beat the game in 3 days it is a pretty big bragging right. I actually think that was the last game I ever beat without any hints from the messageboards of walkthroughs!

My love of Nancy Drew quickly grew to what you see today. My grandmother started digging through her bookshelves and boxes stored away and found Nancy Drew books given to her when she was a kid. One of my favorite books she gave me was originally given to her by her classmates when she was a little girl. She was getting her tonsils out and at this time if you got your tonsils out you had to lay in your hospital bed for a week! Each of her classmates brought a nickel to school to give her something to read while bedridden.  What makes the book extra special to me is not only is my grandmother’s little kid writing of her name written in the book, but then when my mom was a little girl she crossed out my grandma’s name and proudly wrote her own. I am now the 3rd generation of women in my family to grow up with this Nancy Drew book. I cannot wait until I can pass this on to the next generation and continue the Nancy Drew legacy in my family. What is your Nancy Drew legacy story? Share with us below how you were first introduced to everyone’s favorite teen slueth?




In *slightly* unrelated news, none of you super sleuths were able to complete Weekend Puzzle #371! Here is the answer. Can anyone guess at what game it is from?



*edited 9/12 to add photos of The Haunted Bridge*

7 responses to “Your Nancy Drew Legacy Story”

  1. Budford says:

    Weekend puzzle #371 Martha from Curse of Blackmoor Manor

  2. Claire says:

    Wouldn’t it be Jane? I don’t remember a Martha from Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

  3. StoryRetold says:

    Nigel Cookie G?! I love that! And that’s such a great story, thanks for sharing! That book is a real treasure.

  4. Jbug says:

    My legacy story is my sis and I grew up reading the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books thanks to my mom. We were hooked on the old TV show too! We even started our own “detective agency,” code names, badges, tool kits, the works. One day we stopped at Toys R Us and browsed the computer games and stumbled across the original Secrets Can Kill. We were hooked! Sadly it was the only ND game out at the time but every time a new on was released we’d save up for it ^_^

    • Indy says:

      Omg I love that you started your own detective agency! That is definitely something my best friend and I did as well. We were very disappointed to learn of our lack of mysteries to solve. -Indy

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