Announcing our 2021 Cookie Contest Winners!

Happy January, Clue Crew!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your 2022! Today we have announced the very talented winners of our Holiday Cookie Contest! I wanna preface this by thanking EVERYONE who sent in submissions and participated in this contest. Every submission was wonderful and made all of us here ready to eat some cookies!

Without further ado, here are the winners starting with Category #1: our main category. This category could have been any sort of Nancy Drew-themed cookies. Our winner for this category was this tropical cookie set by Tiana B!


Category 1: Tiana B

The Creature of Kapu Cave

These cookies were beautifully decorated and inspired by The Creature of Kapu Cave game! Can you spot all the references? From the Aloha Necklace to the Hilihili logo, these cookies are sure to make you want to collect some Frass! (No? Just me? Alright)

Our next category was our 3-D Gingerbread Category! This category consisted of Nancy Drew-themed structures created entirely out of gingerbread! This category was definitely one of the harder ones to pick a winner, as there are SO many of you talented sleuths out there! The winner of this category was @Leilam228!


Category 2: @Leilam228

Curse of Blackmoor Manor


I mean, HOW cool is this gingerbread conservatory? This was inspired by the observatory in the Curse of Blackmoor Manor game! They even included a mini Mrs. Drake! And can we talk about that carnivorous plant?! Looks like Nancy would need a second chance before being able to take a bite into this delicious masterpiece.

The final category was our Video Category! The entries for this had to be a video that included your cookies! The winner for our Video category was Emilie F!



Category 3: @Emilie.flood

Labyrinth of Lies

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A post shared by Emily Flood (@emilie.flood)

Emilie’s incredibly detailed video of the throne room from the Labyrinth of Lies included everything you need! From Jolly Rancher fire (what?) to Xenia’s stunning dress and more! They mentioned that this project took quite a bit of time and we appreciated every second!

Thank you so much again to everyone who participated
. Doesn’t looking at all of these cookies make you hungry? I know I am!

Please be on the lookout for our “Honorable Mentions” Blog post we are going to be putting together soon as well as some other fun cooking-related content coming your way 😉

Let us know down below what you liked most from these entries! I’m going to go have a cookie now… 


7 responses to “Announcing our 2021 Cookie Contest Winners!”

  1. Laurie M says:

    What an AMAZING display of artistic talent and patience! WOW!

  2. Madi says:

    Random, but I think we need some Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and Tomb of the Lost Queen crewnecks in the Teespring store

  3. m_locket says:


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