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Sonny in Paris with a Chance of Aliens

First of all, we are announcing the Caption Contest today! We will post the winner on our home site as well as our Facebook page. Sonny’s doodles return in Danger by Design not only in his notes, but also as set as his –now Nancy’s– desktop wallpaper. You, too, can have his peaceful aliens star […]

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Observation Skills

First of all, our mask winners have been randomly selected! Find out who won here! One of the most popular skills that any detective must build up to become a great detective is the skill to observe. Nancy needs to set her eyes on everything possibly relevant to her case in order to not miss […]

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Historical Reference: Theatre

We have a Caption Contest winner! After the judges read through all comments on Facebook, it was narrowed down to Rachael G. of Australia for her caption: Gray: “So you don’t think wrapping ourselves in foil and paper clips to create little faraday suits would protect us?” Congrats Rachael! (Thanks for participating, everyone! Stay tuned […]

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Yesterday’s Winners and Today’s Puzzle #173

If you have seen our home page or our Facebook page, this will be old news to you. Still, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the winners of the Pumpkin Carving Contest and the Adventure Matters contest, hooray!! These are our winners for the pumpkin contest below, the entire office voted on all of […]

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Costume Winner!

We have selected one random winner from everyone who pre-ordered The Deadly Device before today, and her name is Alexandra B. from Belleville, IL!! Congrats Alexandra!! (Check your email for further instructions on how to claim your prize). And thanks everyone for pre-ordering! (Keep in mind, we still have the rest of the Adventure Matters […]

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Contest Winners and Prizes!

We finished up a bunch of contests (really only two) and have declared our winners! Our Facebook Caption Contest for Phoenix’s Ghost Hallway picture received a record-breaking response of captions, so Phoenix set some time to read through all of them, narrow down her top favorites, and then the team decided on the final winning […]

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CEO 4 A Day! (Winner)

Today, our CEO-4-A-Day contest winner arrived to claim her throne: ~Shari in the president’s chair~ This morning the Her Interactive team went outside for our CEO’s arrival and greeted her as she and her family stepped out of their town car. When we re-entered the office, it was bagel breakfast and coffee in the big […]

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Breakfast at Her Interactive

Have you visited our Facebook page recently? We have announced the Caption Contest winner! Congrats to Meghan B. for providing the quote that the judges liked best: “Jamila: How do I look today? Abdullah: You look fine, but I look FABULOUS.” As soon as I entered the building this morning, I instantly recognized the smell […]

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Winners, Prizes, and fans!

The Caption Contest winner on our Facebook page has been announced! Congrats to Julia Manns! Here’s what Julia wrote: “Ellen: You may want to check your grammar again.Nik: Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine, no one will notice.Ellen: Come on, Nik! Being groovy is no excuse for abandoning basic grammar.” Aaaaand, *insert drum roll here* […]

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Game Question and Puzzle Answer

It’s another late night, and I’m archive digging. It’s kind of like treasure hunting…Nancy Drew games style. Like yesterday’s post, I never know what exciting things I am about to come across. I was just as excited as you all were about finding that concept art for Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Now I have […]

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