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Breakfast at Her Interactive

Have you visited our Facebook page recently? We have announced the Caption Contest winner! Congrats to Meghan B. for providing the quote that the judges liked best: “Jamila: How do I look today? Abdullah: You look fine, but I look FABULOUS.” As soon as I entered the building this morning, I instantly recognized the smell […]

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Winners, Prizes, and fans!

The Caption Contest winner on our Facebook page has been announced! Congrats to Julia Manns! Here’s what Julia wrote: “Ellen: You may want to check your grammar again.Nik: Oh, I’m sure it’ll be fine, no one will notice.Ellen: Come on, Nik! Being groovy is no excuse for abandoning basic grammar.” Aaaaand, *insert drum roll here* […]

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Game Question and Puzzle Answer

It’s another late night, and I’m archive digging. It’s kind of like treasure hunting…Nancy Drew games style. Like yesterday’s post, I never know what exciting things I am about to come across. I was just as excited as you all were about finding that concept art for Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Now I have […]

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Egyptian Pose Contest = Winners!

All day yesterday we were looking through the many photo entries received over the weekend for the Egyptian Pose photo contest. Wow, there were sooo many great photos that it was super hard for us to choose only one, so we decided to accept three winners! But it was still a tough decision. To help […]

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