Kate Drew’s Spy Starter Kit — Winner!

We have tallied up everyone who pre-ordered The Silent Spy during the pre-order period and randomly selected one lucky winner! Congrats to Mallory M. of PA who wins the Official Kate Drew Spy Starter Kit! A big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered from herinteractive.com!

Today is a great day to highlight several of our fans! Here is a video Rachel put together reacting to The Silent Spy:

Another fan, Natalie, painted her nails with elements from SPY!

Fan collections updated! Will shared with us his picture of his complete Nancy Drew game collection, which now includes #29! Is your Nancy Drew collection complete?

We have fans inside our office, too. Besides crazy-nerdy me, artist Jami is proud to show off her well-kept, completed collection of Nancy Drew games! She keeps them in an easy-to-access binder.

I’ve been meaning to add to my own personal Nancy Drew collection…but I’m holding off on purchasing more Nancy Drew Merchandise until I can work on getting more SPY art up. I’ve already seen requests for Cathedral and *other* logos…

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Kate Drew’s Spy Starter Kit — Winner!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    congrats to the winner 🙂
    yes my collection’s complete but three are digital while the rest are boxed XD


  2. Anonymous says:

    At first I wasn’t looking very carefully, and I hadn’t read the blog yet, and I saw the picture of Jami. I thought she was holding a box of donuts. Oops…although I would have loved that too. He he he…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi LJ!
    I was just wondering if you could wish my sister Hunter a happy birthday on Friday, October 25. She will be turning 11. We have already purchased and started playing SPY and it is AWESOME!!! My sister loves it along with Danger by Design and Alibi in Ashes. Thank You!!!

  4. OOOO where do we submit fan photos an art? I would so love to take pictures of my entire Nancy Drew games. You’ll love it 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I didn’t expect to see my game collection shown on the blog! The rest of my games are downloads, but I’ve been trying to get all the games boxed, so I’ve been ordering used copies off Amazon, that sound like they’re not too beat up, LOL! I actually just received SSH, CAR, and TRN boxed to add! Again, thanks for showing my picture on the blog!!

  6. Hannah says:

    That was a funny video! -What she said at the beginning when the case file came up that is how my brother is when he plays “oh look more to read, well I don’t want to read, I want to PLAY!” I on the other hand, love it when there are things to read hidden amongst the game.

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