Contest Winners and Prizes!

We finished up a bunch of contests (really only two) and have declared our winners!

Our Facebook Caption Contest for Phoenix’s Ghost Hallway picture received a record-breaking response of captions, so Phoenix set some time to read through all of them, narrow down her top favorites, and then the team decided on the final winning caption sent by Gussie J. with her caption:

“Monster sighted in the hall! This is NOT a drill! Monster sighted in the hall!”
Congrats Gussie! (If you see this, please email us at solved@herinteractive so we can get you your prize.) I read through several captions, and they were all so funny! I was laughing really hard at some of them. XD
As for the Video Testimonials, we watched every single one, and after selecting a short list of the best, we let the entire office vote. Here are the results of the office’s choices:
3rd place winner: Hannah B., who will receive an Alibi in Ashes cover art Magic Mug.

2nd place winners: Jacqueline and Meredith V., who will receive a T-shirt of their choice in our merchandise store.

1st place winner: Our Grand prize winner is Mallory H. for her video testimonial featuring an original song that told her story and why she loves Nancy Drew! Congrats! She will receive an iPod Touch® with our Shadow Ranch game book app on it.

There were so many great videos, and several I really enjoyed watching and hearing everything you all said. Perhaps I shall share some of my favorites with you later, but you can see them all for yourself in our Video Testimonial play list on our YouTube Channel here. Thanks everyone for participating! It was such great fun! 🙂

Head’s up! There will be no Twitter Quote Contest tomorrow, as many of us will be busy with our new Kickstarter Campaign we are currently working on. Speaking of that, Megan and Stuart have a new video up on our YouTube Channel, and if you would like more information about what mischievousness we are up to, check out our new page site that helps explain why we are going to run this campaign. Stay tuned for more videos on Kickstarter in the future!

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Contest Winners and Prizes!”

  1. Congrats to all the winners! I love the idea of being able to play TMB on my iPod!:D

  2. ComicalCrafty says:

    Love the Sisters in Crime testimonial! Jacqueline and Meredith, you’re not the only ones who sing Wiki Tiki and impersonate Lulu. Braaaack! 🙂 Wow – you’ve been a fan from the very start, Jacqueline! Enjoy your prizes, everyone!

  3. That song was AMAZING!! The Nancy Drew original song really touched my heart, and whilst the song I felt a tear come out of my eye!!! *sob,sob* But still great vid.!!!! Also, LJ and I have the exact same hairstyle just different colors (how cool is THAT!!). Luv ya LJ and Phoenix, you guys made thta day with the song (listened to it literally 16 times and memorized the lyrics!!). See ya guys!

    ~Your Excited-for-Alibi-in-Ashes-Bonus-Edition Krazyrabbit Nd Detective!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool. I like entering contests even if I don’t win. It’s just fun. Congrats to all!!

    From me,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Little Jackalope! My sister and I just saw the vlog with you and Phoenix and we love it! We were wondering what the lizard that you guys are playing with’s name is. Could you tell us?


  6. Hannah says:

    SuperSleuthSisters, if I’m correct that was Iggy the iguana you have to dress up in CRY.

    Silvertongue, which video was yours? I think this was the funnest contest ever, seeing everybody elses was funner than making on myself!

    Little Jackalope, I’d like it if you’d share some of your favorites in your blog, it will give you something to write about, if you ever need anything to fill a post! 🙂 (besides all your birthday requests that is) I know it could easily make some feel left out, but it would be fun to see a ‘featured video testimonials’ list here for a while.

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