CEO 4 A Day! (Winner)

Today, our CEO-4-A-Day contest winner arrived to claim her throne:
~Shari in the president’s chair~
This morning the Her Interactive team went outside for our CEO’s arrival and greeted her as she and her family stepped out of their town car. When we re-entered the office, it was bagel breakfast and coffee in the big conference room, where Shari reigned for the majority of the day. Below she signs an important agreement with one of our digital partners, already filling her new role very well!
Megan giving the group her grand tour:
Shari and her family got to meet with each department and learn a little about how we make our games. The art team showed off some top secret images of our next game, then Shari got to sit in on a walk through meeting, see the sales team’s game presentation, learn about the game cover art creative process from Marketing, and they also got to test out Tomb of the Lost Queen in our testing lab!
Lunch with the Leads and a gift bag of treasures (including a copy of Tomb of the Lost Queen and some Koko Kringle Bars) were some added treats for our CEO grand prize winner.
This was a lot of fun today! It was exciting to have such great fans come in and we enjoyed showing them everything we do. We hope that Shari enjoyed being CEO as much as we enjoyed having her and her family. ^_^
~Little Jackalope~

7 responses to “CEO 4 A Day! (Winner)”

  1. Looks like she had an awesome time! I’d be willing to hike all the way to WA (me, who lives on the other side of the country)to get that tour! 😉
    I would feel so special being able to hold and to play TMB before any other fan! 😀 I hope she installed that the second she got to a computer. I know I would!

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh she was given a Koko Kringle bar? Now I really feel like Charlie (from Willy Wonka) everybody gets their golden tickets and chocolate… I want one! 🙁 I wish you sold them at your merchandise store.

    Anyway, I’m glad it was such a sucsess! I had expected it to be somebody who was, younger… but the games are for all ages!

    I tried so hard to see what was on that back computer screen he was looking at there… since those were “top secret images”

    Thank you for sharing the special CEO’s experiance with us.

    -Hannah (Drew Detective)

  3. I got the shipping for TMB with no tracking. Will I still get an email saying it shipped?

  4. Anonymous says:

    That sounded so much fun, Little Jackalope. I hope Shari and her family had a good time!

    I thought HerInteractive ran out of Koko Kringle Bars awhile ago… Did Sonny Joon stop by and bring you more? 😉

    Looking forward to TMB!

  5. Shari White says:

    We had a FABULOUS time learning the ins and outs of how our ND games are made:) The Lost Queen is so much fun! The new interface is great and the graphics are improved. The atmosphere at Herinteractive is super friendly like a big happy family:) I felt like I was treated like a queen!! I honestly can’t pick my favorite part of the day, but it ended too soon. Maybe they need to change it to CEO for 2 days…..?

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’d be so fun. i love to just come and visit,with or without a job. Congrats Sheri! You look like you couldn’t stop smiling. I hope you enjoyed your Koko Kringle. I know I did mine. Another plus,Sheri has the same last name as me!

    From me,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hannah: It looks like he’s playing Alibi in Ashes!See the little case for the silver thing? ~`NANCYGEEK`~

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