Yesterday’s Winners and Today’s Puzzle #173

If you have seen our home page or our Facebook page, this will be old news to you. Still, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the winners of the Pumpkin Carving Contest and the Adventure Matters contest, hooray!!

These are our winners for the pumpkin contest below, the entire office voted on all of the entries to narrow it down to the top three, which we then passed onto our Facebook fans to vote on their favorite. (We uploaded all the entries to an album on Facebook after the contest ended, for all to see how creative you were.) Here are the results:


And of course, Courtnee, our Adventure Matters winner, has selected her location choice for ND#30! Nancy is going to New Zealand! (And this list that she chose from is currently top-secret from our design team, we are likely not going to reveal the other choices Courtnee had since there are more secrets we would like to work on before revealing any other location). *Gasp*! We haven’t even mentioned ND#29! There, I mentioned it. It’s important enough to mention. Maybe I should stop talking or else I will give away TOO many secrets… (>_<)

On to the weekend puzzle! This week’s puzzle is simply for fun, there is no need to submit your answer, so enjoy!

Hint: Featured video

0:08 = 4
1:38 = 17
0:01 = 1
0:33 = 8
0:54 = 12
1:41 = 5
0:46 = 11
0:12 = 2
0:01 = 7
0:33 = 4
0:08 = 1
1:38 = 7
0:12 = 8
0:56 = 4
0:08 = 6
1:38 = 11
1:41 = 4
0:33 = 26

Have a fantastic weekend!
~Little Jackalope~

3 responses to “Yesterday’s Winners and Today’s Puzzle #173”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha! I’ve been playing on the computer and I knew you’d post soon. It payed off to check one more time before I logged out.
    I realy expect the SAW pumpkin to win but,seriously,they were all awesome! I know I had alot of Fun. I can’t believe how quickly you guys seem to jump to the next game. i haven’t even played DED yet. Or replayed TMB for that matter. Oh well.
    I better work on that puzzle. Have a nice weekend. (I’m gonna spend the weekend watching Hallmark Christmas movies!)

    From me,

  2. Teagpow says:

    oh my I just finished the deadly devise becuase I have no been able to play and I watched the end of the gummy bear show I was laughing my head of I was so entertained and then the cell phone messages and I have to say I always thought frank had a crush on nancy I just said that then it poped up on the screen I was very happy how HeR make the game And Make more.

    Teagpow-Amateur Sleuth

  3. @Silvertongue — It won’t seem too quick that we jump to the next game once you experience how long it is until spring time. But as tradition, we reveal the next game at the end of the current game. We love sneak peeks!

    @Teagpow — Thanks Teagpow! Glad you enjoyed this one! 😉

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