Missing Chocolate + Weekend Puzzle #288

Today’s office story is about chocolate. The mystery was this: why is there no chocolate in the office? It was a short case to solve. We’ve all eaten it. The chocolate chip cookies were gone. The peanut butter cups were gone. My desk drawer has been emptied of candy bars. All that was left was hot cocoa mix… but that’s not the same unless it is made with milk – which I didn’t bring.

I then considered where the nearest chocolate can be purchased.

A ten minute drive away.


So I gave in. I ate the last couple of pieces of my display-only-keep-for-nostalgia-purposes KoKo Kringle that I had. It was awesome. But there was only two bites of it. I’d show you a picture, but there is nothing left to show. It wasn’t enough chocolate, but it sufficed.

I must resist stealing the KoKo Kringle that is being saved for the Pumpkin Carving Contest prizes. Wish I was Nancy and had a cabinet full of them for myself to raid anytime I desire chocolate. 😛

Anyways, troubles aside, we are eager to see what pumpkins you guys are carving for the pumpkin carving contest! (Also to see what costumes you will come up with for our cosplay contest.) Don’t forget to enter!

Latest news: we’ve added the two latest Nancy Drew Diaries books to our store:


Here’s your weekend puzzle! (It’s a hard one, so I gave you a few letters to start.)


-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Missing Chocolate + Weekend Puzzle #288”

  1. Alex says:

    haha i love when you tell stories about the office like this! i missed the longer AS blog posts

  2. Mirm says:

    I think there should an ‘c’, not a ‘o’, in the 20th column! Fun puzzle!

  3. Tanya Kuznena says:

    Answer: “Detective rule number seventeen. When the door to a hidden tunnel slides open as the result of the successful manipulation of an intricate looking device, (???) for crying out loud explore it!”
    I think, there’s something missing before “FOR”, “TIME” maybe?

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