Throw Back Thursday and Fun Books in WAC

Today’s Throwback Thursday reminds us of one of my favorite moments, building sandcastles in Danger on Deception Island. I actually just beat DDI for the umpteenth time last night, how fitting! Was anyone like me and wasted so much time just building these giant sandcastles instead of actually solving the mystery? Did you guys know that pressing certain keys actually takes a snap shot of your castle and saves it on your computer for you? I cannot remember what you press though. Does anyone know? If you haven’t played this one, we are having a one-day sale on the digital downloads for 50% off using the promo code DDI-50 at checkout. Shop Here!



After I beat DDI I started playing Warnings at Waverly Academy last night. I found that lots of the books in the library, in the computer, and even some just laying around the school have some really interesting names. Here were my favorite:

  • “Purple Hearted Queen” by Beatrice Hotchkiss
  • “Prudent Living: A Memoir” by Prudence Rutherford
  • “A Visitors Guide to Beech Hill Museum” by Beech Hill Museum
  • “Paseo Del Mar School Codes & Regulations” by Paseo Del Mar Schools
  • “Grenny by the Water Fairy” by John Penvellyn
  • “Finding Fish” by Bill Kessler

Now there are tons of other interesting books lying around that referenced other games or characters. Have any of you guys found similar books in this or another Nancy Drew computer game?




3 responses to “Throw Back Thursday and Fun Books in WAC”

  1. Amy Christine says:

    Yeah I saw somewhere on the message boards that if you click on a rock on the right hand side (I think it’s in the upper right corner but I forget where), you will get the screenshot. However, when I tried that, I did not see any screenshots on the saved or game files of DDI :(. There may be some steps I might be missing because I cannot figure out how to get the castle screenshot to appear on my computer.

    As for WAC, I thought it was cool to see the books in the library search are in other Nancy Drew games! I think there should be more cookies/references in future games!

    Also, I think Nancy should use her cell phone more often. Have her send text messages to people. I was watching an arglefumph video on YouTube and a thought came to mind that there are some things Nancy had to ask someone for a translation or something. Why couldn’t she do an internet search if she had a laptop?

  2. NancyDrew16 says:

    Hey, I’m playing Danger on Deception Island too! I’m posting some photos of the sandcastles I built on Nancy Drew Facebook.
    I’ve never seen the books you named in Waverly Academy. Next time I play, I’ll be sure to look for them. 🙂

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