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Countdown to Pre-orders

Hey all! Unfortunately I was out sick yesterday (no joke!) and therefore your answer to the weekend puzzle had to be delayed until today. From the looks of it no one has reached the correct answer! *Gasp*! It appears that with less direction, these puzzles are more likely to stump you…hehe….now I know how to […]

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Music from Ghost of Thornton Hall

To reveal a little more about Ghost of Thornton Hall and for the sake of added excitement, we decided to launch the game’s soundtrack before the game officially releases. For $4.99 you can download the complete set of music played in the background of the game, including the scare sequence music clips (which happen really […]

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Well today I was planning on talking more about Ghost of Thornton Hall…but when I first came in this morning, that plan changed. (Anyways, sorry for such a late night post, I was wrapped up in a meeting that lasted a few hours, and we just got back. Unfortunately I can’t say what we were […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall Box Art Revealed!

Today’s the day!!! Enough gab, take a look at this cover: For a while Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was my favorite cover art, but now this one has made it to my #1 favorite spot. What do you make of this? The graveyard with the ghost lingering by a crypt, looking on and thinking […]

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Weekend Puzzle #186

Yay for Fridays! (There is a theme here) Today I’ll be playing through the game on Master Sleuth level (my favorite), collecting more information, writing about the puzzles, and listening to more music from Ghost of Thornton Hall (so great!). Oh! And I will be reading through some of the fun captions that were posted […]

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Music from the Past

In case you missed us: we took yesterday off to celebrate President’s Day. 🙂 Deep within the old Secrets Can Kill game a music track was hidden, embedded but cannot be found in the game… Long ago before the game was published, at the last minute our President pulled it out, because it didn’t quite […]

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Tales of Whales

Today was are monthly burger outing, but I forgot to take a snapshot of the burger truck we visited…or that one tasty thing I ate of which I don’t remember what it was. So I found something else fun to talk about: WHALES! ‘Cause they rule. (~.^) To take a detour away from teasing you […]

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Weekend Puzzle #182

Happy Friday! Here at the office we prepare for the weekend with lunchtime boardgames, and today in particular would involve a small team running a spaceship to defend the galaxy. Later, after working on our projects, I plan on sneaking into the game build for GTH and then snooping through the top secret project files […]

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First Puzzle of 2013! #179

Well, that was a rather short first week here in the office (only 3 days!). We have already had some interesting things happen here in such a short time, like for example, one of our microwaves went up and died. Here it is under operation by our IT specialist: And here is your puzzle, this […]

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Fan Mail and Office Happenings

The Sales and Marketing department just finished a few big sales, launched the new merchandise and is now gearing up for big December fun. “Artist’s Row” is working on fixing puzzle art, adding new textures, modeling characters (and have already begun animations!). Production is working on some builds, planning out music and sounds, and writing […]

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