Fan Mail and Office Happenings

The Sales and Marketing department just finished a few big sales, launched the new merchandise and is now gearing up for big December fun. “Artist’s Row” is working on fixing puzzle art, adding new textures, modeling characters (and have already begun animations!). Production is working on some builds, planning out music and sounds, and writing dialogue for secondary characters, like phone friends. We are getting deeper into winter, and with that comes more fun things to do and talk about in between game launches.

Have you played The Deadly Device? Or are you waiting anxiously for Christmas morning? Or both!

Today we received some fan mail, and since I have a love for doodling, I had to share with you Anissa’s art and very colorfully-decorated envelope. I tell ya, it is fun receiving something so colorful! It’s like candy… (^_^) Thanks Annisa!


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~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Fan Mail and Office Happenings”

  1. I saw those awesome sales y’all where having! If i didn’t already own them all I would have totally bought something.
    What I’d do to see all that work in progress myself! ;D
    Christmas! I just put Christmas music on my iPod this afternoon.
    Annisa, you’re a great doodler! Wish I could doodle that well:)
    Happy birthday Grace!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi little J!
    Thank you so much for the birthday shout out,it’s beautiful!
    It sounds like your making a LOT of progress on ND28 already!I’m really hoping it will be in the south (Alabama or Georgia)!
    Wonderful artwork Annisa!I’m glad that you included her Brady Charmstrong poster.Do you think Brady Armstrong is cute (um,let’s see,how can I say this delicately-NO)!
    I hope hope hope hope that Ned,sweet Ned,will be included as a phone friend in ND28 (one of my favorite ND books is The Glowing Eye)
    “Don’t let the turkys get you down”

  3. I’ve already played “The Deadly Device” and I’ll just tell you my honest opinion;
    I thought it was great!
    The only issue I had was the ending. I never would have seen it coming. But I think that’s what makes it an awesome mystery case right? You would’ve never suspected it coming. Keep making these awesome games that I have been playing for YEARS! Can’t wait for “The Ghost of Thornton Hall”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have facebook, but I love your page and visit all the time for the latest HI news, but now, it says I have to log in to continue. Is there anyway you could open it up to fans without facebook, or is that facebooks doing?

  5. @Anonymous — This is likely Facebook’s doing, as we do not have control over this. 🙁 Have you tried clicking on our Facebook icon located at the very bottom of the page on our web site? That should directly lead you to our page and you can still scroll down to view everything without being logged in.

    @Future HeR Animator — Do you have the Dossier games as well?

    @Grace — Hope you had a great birthday! And it seems that several other fans as well would like Nancy to go down south…and we *cough* do pay attention to what our most popular fan request…perhaps, perhaps in the future…. 😉

    @Shainnen Somerville — Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Yes, we love creating twists and turns, and any opportunity to surprise and astound you…Mwahaha! (~.^)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love the litte Brady Armstrong poster!

    From me,

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