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Thanksgiving 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We will be out of the office and will return on Monday, November 26th. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving break, eat plenty of good food and enjoy some time well spent with your family and friends. I know I sure will…and I also plan on re-playing (and finishing) a Nancy […]

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1,000th Blog Post!

Not that any one’s counting *ehem* but this is the Amateur Sleuth Blog’s 1,000th blog post! Whoo-hoo! This post will then draw attention to every element of what makes the blog is what it is: Doodling, sales, announcements, fan birthdays, puzzles, insider knowledge, vague hints about the future and what we are up to, contests, […]

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Weekend Puzzle #175

Hey howdy hey! Happy Friday! Today was a rather busy day for us, but I’m going to save the announcement for Monday’s post. In the meantime, if you explore around our site, you might be able to learn what this is. 😉 Instead of a puzzle this weekend, how about a little trivia? I want […]

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Programmer Navigation

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! I was fortunate enough to hover over the desk of our Lead Tester back in May this year to get a look at what she was up to. This, my friends, is a map. (^_^) She was checking to see if all of the scene views (as listed by […]

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Countdown to DED!

The time is nearing for you to play The Deadly Device! In only 5 days you get to start downloading, and we begin to ship the boxed games! I’m running out of time to reveal more secrets since you will soon learn everything that I’ve been hinting at. The suspense is building up! The mystery […]

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A Cat? Where? o.O

My favorite day of the week! Monday! First I’d like to clear up a little concern. If you have seen the last video blog, (see previous post or the video “Amateur Sleuth Blog: The Deadly Device Characters” on our YouTube Channel) then you might remember the part near the beginning where I say that I […]

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Passwords and Technology

I’ve talked often about keys and locks…but not so much about passwords. Passwords are simply codes of words, characters, numbers, shapes or colors presented in the right order at the right time to gain access to a new location or gain new information. At least, that’s my quick definition… In my viewpoint, passwords are primarily […]

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New Things, Old Things…

I’ve been reading a lot of comments here, on Facebook and on the Message Boards. It got me thinking about the excitement for The Deadly Device. I notice several fans are really excited, while others are still hesitant. Many of us, and yes I include myself on this, really appreciate the nostalgia of the older […]

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Playing Beta: The Deadly Device

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “Beta” come up here and there. Let me explain what Beta here is, in a nutshell: Beta is a goal in our game-making process where all important logic, art, puzzles, animations, and conversations (convos as we abbreviate) are mostly done, and the game is at least playable. At this point, […]

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Tours and Funny Directions

What a busy, fun-filled day! Today I got to lead a tour group around our office. They were high school students who had participated in a contest where they had to present a game design (so cool!). In our conference room, we brought in members from each of the Her Interactive departments to present themselves, […]

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