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Ghost of Thornton Hall

Today is the day! Ghost of Thornton Hall has officially released! Check your local store to find it on shelves, or order the game from our site! In my opinion, it’s one of the best Nancy Drew games ever, so I highly recommend playing this one. (~.^) FYI: We also launched the preview video for […]

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Last Day to Pre-Order!

Ok everyone! If you really wanted a BONUS EDITION of Ghost of Thornton Hall, tonight’s your last chance to order it (the digital download version only since the physical version sold out a while ago. However, the STANDARD physical game is available for purchase on our site). Many fans have already played through the game, […]

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BONUS EDITION is going…going…

Only a few more days to pre-order Ghost of Thornton Hall BONUS EDITION! If you haven’t ordered from us yet, here’s the low-down about these BONUS EDITIONS: You can only get BONUS EDITIONS from You can only get BONUS EDITIONS during pre-order period Extra features are included in the game! We ship out the […]

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With all this talk about Ghost of Thornton Hall (by the way…we are counting down the remaining days to pre-order!) …I’d thought to take a day to talk about something different. We just started Instagramming! However, we’ve only got a few pictures up, so we don’t have any followers yet. (I posted several real-life Nancy […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall Downloads Today!

For all who pre-ordered the digital version of Ghost of Thornton Hall, today is your day! I suppose by this time many of you have received your email to go ahead and download…(if not, you will receive yours very soon, since the system has to properly go through each order). If you have not pre-ordered […]

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Keep Calm…

It looks like after posting this picture on our social sites yesterday, there has been a large request for this image to appear on the Merchandise Store. Ok. You asked for it. I will work on getting this up soon! My words of advise to you this week? Keep calm because Ghost of Thornton Hall […]

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Fan Art: Scrapbooking

Recently some fans emailed us wanting to show us their Nancy Drew scrapbook work, so we’ve decided to go ahead and show you here. It was a little tough fitting in all of the images, but here is Sergey’s spread:  Here I spy some GTH art, and some card games, similar to RAID! in CAP: […]

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Dessert & Charlotte’s Lace Mask

Today our luncheoning group went out to try a fancy lunch at a nearby restaurant, which served a three-course meal. I just wanted to point out that these adventurous outings are good for a person, especially when that person has never tried a crème brûlée. I tried it for the first time, and I loved […]

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Weekend Puzzle #193…and a Marathon!

Day four of Ghost of Thornton Hall pre-orders! From what I’ve been hearing/reading lately is that some of you are doing game marathons before GTH becomes available, this is awesome! However it’s a little late to attempt to play 27 games before May 7th, it might be more doable to play all the “scary” games […]

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Eve of GTH’s Trailer

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy! The trailer will be launched tomorrow!! Also pre-orders will begin. I noticed that a few of you were concerned about the trailer launch being on the same day as pre-orders. No worries! If you are still hesitant about pre-ordering the game, you can watch the trailer tomorrow, or the […]

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