Tales of Whales

Today was are monthly burger outing, but I forgot to take a snapshot of the burger truck we visited…or that one tasty thing I ate of which I don’t remember what it was. So I found something else fun to talk about: WHALES! ‘Cause they rule. (~.^)

To take a detour away from teasing you about GTH, I recently discovered these sketches to share. I found them in the Danger on Deception Island art archives in our office and loved them instantly. So I snatched them. Honestly, I don’t know the real story behind who drew these…but I can imagine that the artist was getting in the right mood for the game. To me, they look like baby Orcas, instead of adult ones. 🙂 I love this game, I find it really fun. (And yes, it was based in the San Juan islands here in Washington up Puget Sound. There is no real Deception Island, but there is Deception Pass. The weather here is most often grey, just like the game.)

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And we have a couple of birthdays to celebrate as well:

~Little Jackalope~

7 responses to “Tales of Whales”

  1. Safecracker says:

    I just went on a whale watching tour at a place called Deception Bay in Queensland, Australia! Awesome coincidence! 😛

  2. Thanks for sharing the sketches!:D I love Orcas!
    I’ve had two hamburgers this week that I think you would approve of:) They where delish!!!

    BTW Mickey Mouse says hi:)

    Happy birthday Abigail and Henry!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did like that game. I laughed when the whale knocks out the bad guy in the end. I’d love to visit Deception Pass. I really have to visit you guys! Happy Birthday Abigail and Henry!

    From me,

  4. Shadow Roxz! aka-emily says:

    hi litte jackalope i was just wondering are we ever going to meet
    sonny june? and i have an idea for a nancy drew game
    (The Forbidden Rose) also it would be cool if we herd avril lavigne
    in a nancy drew game seeya Shadow Roxz!ps your awsome
    i LOVE this blog it would be nice and tell everyone at her interactive
    thanks for all the hard work you
    guys have done over the years

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those are beautiful!!
    Orca’s are my favourite animals!!!!
    I wish I could draw them that well!

  6. I love the fact you do birthdays, it’s so nice. (^_^) I like the whale sketches, too–they DO look more like baby orcas than adults. Babies are always cuter, in my opinion. The only exception is sloths–they’re all cute because they have really fuzzy fur and these adorable smiles!
    Could you add me to your birthday list? It’s on the 23 of February. You can make it out to Karina–wow, I feel like I’m getting an autograph from a famous person, or in this case, a famous jackelope! (^_^)

  7. @Norwegian Dancer — You got it! Added to my calendar. 😉

    @Shadow Roxz! aka-emily — Perhaps someday we will meet Sonny Joon! No plans yet, though.

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