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Windows 10 Installation

We have successfully tested from game #6 on up on Windows 7, 8, and 10 (we also have had success installing games 3-5 when running in compatibility mode; and games 1-2 using the special instructions on our website and running in compatibility mode) and have found that installing the game when logged in as administrator and […]

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Day One Twitch: ASH & Father’s Day

Tonight’s the night! Follow us at and join the party for a chance to win the prizes below (and more). Spread the news and invite your friends and family! Also, you can get Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes (digital) on sale this weekend, starting today! Shop here. Just for fun, we’ve added this coloring page […]

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Deer on the Grounds!

We had a bit of excitement at the office today. A wandering deer appeared on the grounds: Reminder! Tomorrow we start our Twitch party! -Little Jackalope

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WHO & Monday Reminders

We had a busy weekend at the WA Homeschoolers Organization convention! It was great being able to talk to new people about the Nancy Drew games, and pointing out the various different educational elements to the games. Greek mythology, Mayan cultures, forensics, chemical mixing, Marie Antoinette, ancient Egyptian history and so many more topics are […]

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Podcast, Convention, and Deception Island

Check out our new podcast! Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here or listen to the video below: Also, if you are in WA State, come visit us at our booth at the Washington Homeschoolers Organization! Today and tomorrow at the WA State Fairgrounds. Learn more about the convention here. Indy went on a little trip […]

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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2017

Guess what? If you haven’t heard, it’s a holiday today. National Chocolate ice cream day! I tried to celebrate, but couldn’t locate chocolate ice cream, so I purchased the next best thing: chocolate-covered ice cream. What chocolatey flavor would you prefer to celebrate with? Would Bess Marvin approve? 😉 (You can eat all the ice […]

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Cave Exploring

Have you been to New Zealand? I never have, but would LOVE to go someday! Our travel Tuesday moment is from Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion: Last weekend’s puzzle was a semaphore code. It read “Ice Cream please!” We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope Save

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Blackmoor Memories

I was digging in the archives for some graphics inspiration and came across another great piece. Well… it’s not THAT great, but it is pretty cool! This was one of the concept ideas for the cover art of Curse of Blackmoor Manor. As much as I like it, I really like the final version much […]

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Royal Concepts and Weekend Puzzle #343

Flashback Friday! I found more fun behind-the-scenes art from Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower! Check out these concept sketches for the cover art: Here’s your weekend puzzle! We have a birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Nancy’s Placeholder

I went rummaging through some archive files, looking for something specific, when an idea struck me. Remember in Alibi in Ashes, the Police suspect board? Well, I am always amused at the clever ways we “hide” Nancy… but I was curious what was behind the sticky note as Nancy’s placeholder. Behold! Our artists just used […]

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