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Hacktastic Busy Days!

Where did the day go yesterday? And the post? Yikes, you know what that means? We’ve been busy! Here’s what we’ve been focusing on: – Secret meetings about the next game – Focus groups on puzzles – The news we launched on Facebook about us doing a Kickstarter campaign!! – Hacky sack Oh hacky sack! […]

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Interviews, Puzzles, and Winners

I’m so excited!! Phoenix’s video interview with Nik part #2 is now live on our YouTube Channel! Whoo-hoo!! If you watch it all the way through you should leave a comment in reply to Phoenix’s future video thoughts (interviews with other employees, other things you’d like to see in upcoming videos etc…) I’m sure she’d […]

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Little Things + Little Secrets

When I showed up to my cubicle this morning I found this:   Bunny-shaped marshmallows from Phoenix! I was so happy… :’) As much as I wanted to keep them alive, they couldn’t survive me. Yeah, I ate them. I have a few secrets that I cannot really elaborate on and share with you yet…but […]

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Interview with Admin Assistant, CJ!

We interviewed our Administrative Assistant extraordinaire, CJ! Her Interactive: What does an Administrative Assistant do? CJ: Well, Administrative Assistant is my formal title, but my job encompasses many more responsibilities. Her Interactive is a small company, and sometimes it’s necessary to wear multiple hats. Besides executive staff and office support, I am also customer service, […]

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Secret Meetings — Bunnies!!

Several team members here held a top-secret meeting again concerning ND#27, and since it was nice outside, we went out back. There is a slough (a still swamp-like river) surrounding the back end of the building and we are also located on a kind of nature park. Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but we […]

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Historical Characters (Spoilers!)

So the TXT CHALLENGE #3 description mentioned that the trivia was about characters and historical figures. To be more accurate, we said this to properly give credit to one of the answers: Nikola Tesla, who is not just a character. He was a real historical person, not someone who was made up. ~And it’s his […]

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Old Save Files: Floppy Disks

I was looking through some old art files and found this: Name that game! And then it got me thinking about how old this is. Does anyone still use floppy diskettes? Perhaps some of you are too young to remember this memory storage, but you may recognize it as the Save Game icon we used […]

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A Weekend of Big Fun!

Ok, so perhaps that title isn’t very creative, but it hits my point on the bull’s eye! This weekend we have a lot of exciting things going on, it’s a wonder that I didn’t burst and tell you earlier. But now I can! Let me list them off like a checklist so I don’t forget […]

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Nancy’s Second Chances

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! One comment in response to the previous blog post said: And I thought “This is so true. Nancy is always destroying things or blowing stuff up…on accident that is.” I totally didn’t mean for you to go and blow up a bunkhouse or photo lab, set […]

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Happy 4th 2012!!

Head’s up! We will be out of the office tomorrow to celebrate Independence Day, whoo-hoo! We hope you all have an awesome 4th of July, but don’t do anything Nancy won’t do, be safe and stay smart. 😉 Now I sound like Hannah Gruen… >.< There will be no blog post, or Twitter Quote Contest, […]

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