Videos, Snooping, and Interviews, Oh My!

We have several announcements today, and if you subscribed to our Newsletter, you might have already learned about all that is going on. (To view our latest newsletter, Click Here). I’m just going to catch you all up to speed on everything below:

1. Tomorrow (Friday July 27) is the last day to submit your Video Testimonial! For more information and to view the amazing prizes, check out our Video Testimonial Contest page. I have watched almost all of them, and I absolutely love hearing what you all have to say! Some of you even got creative with how you presented yourselves. So you know, you are allowed to play Nancy Drew music during in your video if you would like. 🙂 I can tell that our office is going to have a tough time picking a winner, if I had the final say, I’d pick everyone! XD

2. We have another Facebook Caption Contest going on this week, starting today! (This contest is Facebook exclusive). What is Phoenix thinking or saying in the picture we posted? Post your caption to the photo on our page for a chance to win an Ultimate Nancy Drew Journal (which we also have on sale in our merchandise store for $9.99 right now). Contest ends Monday night!

3. We interviewed our fantastic Lead 2D Artist, Kris! What kind of stories do you think she could tell? Find out what she has to say and learn what projects she has worked on that you have seen in the games in her interview on the Dare to Play Blog!

4. We also interviewed one of our amazing moderators on the message board! Check out what ~Jinkies Nancy!~ has to say here!

5. On Tuesday, if you haven’t already seen it, Phoenix uploaded a video to our YouTube Channel of her snooping through the office to find important information! What will she find? Will she get caught? Oh the suspense!! Watch it now!

Whew! I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot to announce!

Weekend puzzle tomorrow! And I’ve learned something interesting about the egg culprit….will mention it tomorrow. (o.O)
~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Videos, Snooping, and Interviews, Oh My!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m on top of everything. I love the interveiws on the Dare to Play blog because I get to think about what my answers would be.
    I love Phoenix’s save for the vlog,and I’ve already submited my caption. I want one one of those journals sooo bad! My last one’s alittle full of notes.
    One last thing,I went to buy TMB at Target a few days ago,and they were sold out. I’m still looking for it.

    From me,

  2. So much exciting stuff happening!:D how much longer will the journal be on sale? I’m hoping to totally convince my mom to buy it for me while it’s on sale:) I’m heading over to read the interviews now!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i was playing danger by design yesterday, and i was at the part were you make the cookies, and i thought what if i make thies in real life? so, this morning, that’s what i did! they turned out pretty good. the game didn’t have an oven temprature, so i gussed at 325 F. they wher fun to make, to.
    ~GJ fan

  4. Allie-oop says:

    As much as I so want the ND notebook, I already have enough notebooks as it is. XD And I’m trying so hard to finish one right now, actually. Lol.

    I was gonna do my Video Testimonial today when I got home from my Cardiac MRI, but I always get the time zones confused. Turned out I couldn’t do it; too late. I guess I shall have to wait for the next Video Testimonial. That gives me time to be more creative. 😀 Boo ya.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh great! I went back to Target today and they had one TMB LEFT on the shelf! Lucky me!

    From me,

  6. @Silvertongue — Hooray!!

    @Allie-oop — I’m sure we will have more contests in the future that are just as fun! Hope you are doing alright! 🙂

    @GJ fan — Ooo! Yum! The next time you make Nancy Drew food, could you take a picture and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter? Would love to see!

    @Future HeR Animator — I would have to ask about the journal, will know tomorrow. 🙂

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